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Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ April 30, 2019

Want To Supercharge Your Business? Think Intelligent Design

Though British businesses are renowned for creativity and originality, UK productivity has notably deteriorated over the past decade. Caroline Welsh from Wundamail invites you to hit the refresh button, and supercharge your business for maximum growth.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ April 26, 2019

The Way We Work Is Changing: Are You Ready?

Technology is fundamentally reshaping the way we work. As paradigm shifts force a rewriting of industry rules, Caroline Welsh explores the behavioural science behind modern working.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ April 23, 2019

Wundamail: The Secret To Better Team Management

You and your team need to get things done. With Wundamail, it’s never been easier.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ February 4, 2019

Can Bosses Work From Home?

It’s a scene we all know well; all the team members are packing up to go home and the boss is still furiously tapping away in their office, where they’ll still be for several hours if the timestamps on your morning emails are anything to go by. On the whole, bosses should be the first one in and the last one out of the office, so what happens if your manager decides to work from home? Or can they even work from home? Let’s find out.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ November 6, 2018

We all live to the rhythm of work

So, you made the move. You took the chance to bring change to your life, to improve your work-life balance and to work more flexibly. You’ve walked away from the tedious office politics, the unhappy faces of the daily commute, the constant battle for a parking space, and that really annoying person in Accounts, whose name you can never remember. Let’s call him Dan. Every large company has a ‘Dan from Accounts’.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ October 16, 2018

Tools for training your remote team

There aren't many things so closely linked to productivity, so essential and crucial, than training. In all our work, no matter what we do for a living, we need someone to show us how. That’s what it boils down to.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 27, 2018

The loneliness of the long distance worker

I’m a freelancer. I work alone, at home, and rarely see or speak to anyone during my working day. The family comes home from work and school at 4pm, and I tend to finish work at that point. But from 7am when they leave the house, it’s just me, a keyboard and my radio.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 30, 2018

Keeping the conversation open with feedback

Managing a remote team is no walk in the park. For the team manager, the distance and the disconnect of the remote set up can be tough to handle. Keeping everyone progressing on a project and moving forward together can be harder to do when you’re not all in the same place. And what if something goes wrong? What if there’s an issue or someone needs support? How do we make sure they can get that help if they’re so dispersed and displaced?

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 21, 2018

Team communication: Keeping your remote team close

As more and more businesses begin to see the value in remote working, and as increasing numbers of the workforce demand the ability to work remotely, managers need to think in different ways.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ July 9, 2018

The trouble with remote working

The benefits of remote working are clear and obvious. We know the story. For the worker, it offers a more flexible way of working, a better work-life balance, less disruption and distraction, and an increased sense of autonomy. As long as their managers and coworkers are supportive, and the communication is kept open and regular, remote working can be a force for good.