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Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ September 13, 2019

How Wundamail Simplifies Remote Inductions

Inductions can often prove tricky to arrange and conduct, regardless of your vocation or experience level. Throw remote working into the mix, and the whole process can become even more disorientating. Data shows that flexi-time has risen by 12.35 per cent over the last four years; and data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the number of UK workers who have moved into remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade. As a result, it’s so important for team leaders to handle the induction process effectively, in order to ensure new employees are set up for success, wherever they might be.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ September 2, 2019

How To Build A Strong Remote Culture

As communication technology enables teams to work hundreds of miles apart, or even in different countries, remote work is quite literally taking over the world. But how do leaders ensure they maintain a strong team culture, among groups who may never meet face-to-face?

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ September 1, 2019

Remote Working Roundup - Week In Review 01.09.19

Adam Monks
By Adam Monks/ August 27, 2019

Top 6 Companies That Are Hiring Remote Workers Today

In the modern age, working from home is no longer merely an employee perk or benefit. According to recent Wundamail research, remote work has vast benefits for both employee and the employer. With 1 in 5 employees in the UK taking advantage of remote work opportunities, it's no surprise that this modern approach to work is becoming the norm amongst some of the world’s largest organisations. We’ve rounded up the biggest and best organisations leveraging remote work policies to make life simpler and better for their employees.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ August 25, 2019

Remote Working: Wundamail Week In Review

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’ve been taking a look at what it’s like to manage remote teams in 2019. How can modern leaders motivate and support their employees, without communicating face-to-face? We’ve rounded up this week’s best articles on the topic, in order to grant you a fresh perspective on what it means to manage remote teams. Click To Read: Why Finland Leads The World In Flexible Work via BBC News

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ August 23, 2019

How Wundamail Helps Remote Workers Maintain Work/Life Balance

Finding a balance between your work and your daily life can be tricky at the best of times. Nowadays we can connect from anywhere in the world, check emails after dinner, and answer calls from our bosses on weekends away. We’ve never been more available, which naturally can become both a blessing and a curse. Now, imagine the chaos if your workplace and your home were the same physical space! This is the reality for the majority of remote workers across the globe, and creates another barrier against separating work from daily life and getting that balance we all desperately need.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ August 2, 2019

The 8 Best Bars In Liverpool For Remote Workers

We all know that remote working is the future - technology has allowed us to access the information we need from anywhere in the world and communicate regardless of distance and time zones. So, without a fixed office location, where do you go to work and get the social stimulation that’s so important to daily human life?

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ April 26, 2019

The Way We Work Is Changing: Are You Ready?

Technology is fundamentally reshaping the way we work. As paradigm shifts force a rewriting of industry rules, Caroline Welsh explores the behavioural science behind modern working.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ February 4, 2019

Can Bosses Work From Home?

It’s a scene we all know well; all the team members are packing up to go home and the boss is still furiously tapping away in their office, where they’ll still be for several hours if the timestamps on your morning emails are anything to go by. On the whole, bosses should be the first one in and the last one out of the office, so what happens if your manager decides to work from home? Or can they even work from home? Let’s find out.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ November 6, 2018

We all live to the rhythm of work

So, you made the move. You took the chance to bring change to your life, to improve your work-life balance and to work more flexibly. You’ve walked away from the tedious office politics, the unhappy faces of the daily commute, the constant battle for a parking space, and that really annoying person in Accounts, whose name you can never remember. Let’s call him Dan. Every large company has a ‘Dan from Accounts’.