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Share our daily check-in software with your audience, and earn 40% of the profits every single month.


By condensing team activity into a single daily email, Wundamail empowers leaders, and keeps teams productive and happy.


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So, what's in it for me?


Earn 40% commission... every month

You take 40% of the revenue for each referral you make. You will continue to receive this commission once a month, for the lifetime of your customer.

Get credited for the sale, whether clients deal with you direct, stumble across your website, or click a link you shared. Payment is sent direct to the account of your choice, every month.


Add Value To Your Service

Once customers try Wundamail, they rarely leave. You will continue to receive a regular monthly income, long after you’ve completed a project or sent the final invoice.

In no time at all, you’ll be generating a regular stream of income, without lifting a finger. Think of it as unlocking recurring revenue from your existing network of contacts.


Transform your clients lives

When you build your partner portfolio, you’re adding value for your clients too. Our product makes management simple for countless teams worldwide, and will save your clients time, energy and money.

Support and sell software that your customers will thank you for. You’ll empower leaders, support team members, and make things better for everyone.

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Free to join

The Wundamail Partner Program is completely free to join. Just contact us and we’ll begin our journey together.

Sales support

We’ll provide sales support including live demos, email templates and your own dedicated success manager. Anything you need, we’re here for you.

Assistance during first sales

If you'd like, we'll join your first calls, demos, and conversations and guide you on best practice. We also provide technical support whenever you need.

Marketing materials

We’ll supply you with our best marketing materials (digital and video content), and show you how to leverage them.

Our partner community

Join a growing community of like-minded people. We host events, summits and meet-ups to help you expand your network and share your stories!

Outstanding product

Support and sell software that your clients will love. Join a fast-growing company on a mission to make team management simple in the modern age.

The Wundamail Story by co-founder, Phil Simmonds




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