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Wundaful words from our customers

Wundaful words from our customers

If you use Wundamail you are in good company. The world's biggest and best public and private sector teams use Wundamail to improve reporting, accountability, communication and engagement. We asked a selection of them what they like best about Wundamail.

Molton Brown

“This is a great and simple way to share knowledge. As projects move along, tasks change. This way, the whole team collaborates for the benefit of the team, and each individual feels supported. A quick daily email can be all it takes to strengthen those team connections.”


Managing Teams

As a manager, I just love the simplicity of Wundamail. I start each day knowing where my team are up to, who’s making progress and who needs my help. It keeps the team close.

Stephen Rigby - Barclays Africa Group

We’re communicating more, and better. I don’t have to follow huge trails of information just to get a simple answer. I’m more aware of what’s happening, and when.

Toru Ishiguro - Alpine Electronics

Charting the progress of individual projects becomes a simpler process by using Wundamail. We can each see where colleagues are up to, and we’re better placed to support each other.

Lisa Reins - First National Bank

As the owner of the business, I like the fact that I can personalise it to my business. I can also see at a glance how people are engaging with it, and importantly, when they’re not!

James Class - Bridgestone

Best thing about Wundamail? No log in! No need to remember yet another username, another password. The team answer the email and I can instantly get a picture of where we’re up to. Easy!

Mark Pettiegrew - Neotel

Everybody’s linked and we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. Its daily too, so nobody gets left behind, they’re all happy to engage with it because it builds that all essential team spirit.

Louise Kinsella - Bandai Visual

With so many of our team working remotely, we’re more able to encourage collaboration through Wundamail. Its centralised and simplified our communication by giving us all a daily update. That also means the information we get is current.

N. Matthews - Union Carriage & Wagon

My team have really engaged with Wundamail, the incentives work well, and they’re enjoying the team focus. And it means that I have better information to work with, because I’m better connected to them all at the same time.

Alan Minter - O.S. Engines

I feel like we’re getting more done and having less meetings. And less meetings is always a good thing!

Steve Wong - Transnet

Simply put, our business works better when we’re all accountable, even me, as the manager. I get a daily email to let me know how projects are progressing, and that helps us stay focussed and organised.

Tin Kapoor - Pentel

“Our business has grown a lot in a short time, and its been difficult to keep on top of everything as it happens. Wundamail has given us greater access, not only to information, but to the right information. Its levelled things out for us, and we’re more connected with our staff.”


Clearer Communications

Simply put, life is easier. Fewer meetings, more focussed communication, and nobody falling behind.

Craig McGuigan, Sprint Corporation

Our projects advance much more smoothly because we’re better coordinated, better connected.

Wolfgang Flür - Unum Group

By keeping it simple, with one group email per day, I’m in a better position to know how my team are progressing with projects. That’s important when they’re not office based. I need to know where they’re at with their tasks, and Wundamail just makes that so simple.

Jane Kennedy - PCC Solutions

No more lengthy email threads and long winded conversations. It's a simple “what did you do?” Followed by “I did this”. I just don’t know why we weren’t keeping it this easy before, when I think of all the time we wasted.

Hayley Catherall-Harris - Highwoods Properties

We’re all about communication, but sometimes the content of that communication gets lost, and important points get missed. When I ask how projects are progressing, I get simple answers, and if see any gaps opening up, I can act quicker to close them over.

Emma Palmerston - EP Media

Wundamail’s just so logical. I ask them, they tell me. It couldn’t be any simpler. And they love that it's incentivised. Everybody likes a reward, right?

John Ballam - Whirlpool Corporation

In my business, I’ve centralised Wundamail as our go-to daily communication, I’ve included it in Professional Development, so as well as the rewards, my staff understand its importance as a tool.

Devin McBradley - Scott Trading Company

We use Wundamail to keep track of tasks. That was a job in itself before, the conversations went off in their own direction and the subject disappeared in the fog. This way, we have clarity, because the simplicity of it means we just deal with the facts.

Nick Harris, Viña Sol

“I don’t want to spend my time chasing people for information or trawling through days worth email back and forths. I just need to know that what I need to happen is happening. This is a great tool which gets me all the information I need.”


Teams Big and Small Trust Wundamail

Wundamail gives everyone access to the big picture. It's clear, foolproof communication, and keeps all levels of my business connected.

Lisa-Jane Ballam - Rosslyn

It's great to have regular input from all of the teams, rather than just the Team Leaders. It gives us a greater idea of what’s happening on the ground.

Joseph Esposito - Rite Aid

I was surprised by how quickly my teams took to this, but its such a simple tool, why wouldn’t they? No training needed, all they need to do is to reply to an email.

Phillipe Genet - STI International

Better accountability, visibility and coordination means projects progress easier. I’m better informed and better connected to the team.

Jan Hoy - BiC

With so many telecommuters on the books, accountability is everything. I need to know where everybody’s up to, without repeatedly hassling them for information. Now, I have that information in my inbox every morning. I can keep progress in check and answer any issues which might occur.

Colin Tunstall - Molton Brown

Email can often become a burden and a heavy weight to carry. Too much information can cloud the important issues and put the solutions out of reach. Here we have a simple tool that uses a single email each day, to connect me with my employees and monitor their progress as well as that of the business day to day objectives. No more mess.

Jacob Heatherington-Smythe - JHS Media

Our team tells us that they enjoy knowing where everybody else is up to, and they feel more included in decisions than they were before.

Emmet O’Leary - Harcourt Systems

One tool. No log in. A daily email. I get all the information I need from my team, and the business moves forward more productively. If only everything in life was that simple.

George Reyes - RSP