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Simple team management via email

By condensing group thinking into a single daily email, Wundamail is designed to inspire powerful behavioural change within teams. It empowers leaders, supports team members, and makes things simple for everyone.

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It all works directly in your team member’s regular email inbox… no apps, usernames, or passwords needed.

Each day, Wundamail emails a question to the team, which looks like this.

Your team just have to hit reply and send back a response. This could be a progress update, a fresh idea or a request for support. 

You have full control of the design. Pick one of our tried-and-tested templates, or craft the perfect message to suit your team.


What did you do today?

Reply to this email with a list of what you achieved today. Tomorrow we will send you a copy of everyone's responses.

We use Wundamail to keep us all in the loop with that we are doing.


Jenna: Landed a big deal with XYZ Corp. Asked production to begin fulfillment. Completed order and delivery plan.


James: Short staffing today is weighing on production. Fighting fires. Any advice?


Isaac: Chasing leads with some success. Feel my close rate could be better. Anyone available to mentor me?

…the next morning, all of the responses are compiled into a single email, which is circulated for all to see.

It's a top level view of your entire team's achievements for the day. Quickly get a handle on what is complete, who is doing what, and most importantly, what is going wrong and why.

Why Wundamail?



What makes Wundamail different is that it condenses team activity into a simple daily email.
More than just a chat, it structures the conversation so that words become actions, and ideas become solutions.
  To: You ( )
Subject: Daily Update Email

Daily Update Email

profile_image Anna: Met with ABC Corp. Organised schedule for event next week, everything running smoothly so far!

profile_image Jackson: Completed strategy plan and documents. Could do with an extra pair of eyes if anyone’s available this afternoon?

profile_image David: Breakthrough! Figured out a way around that data roadblock... found a solution that will ease the process for all of us.

profile_image Sofia: Been working with Anna to get things ready for the launch. The content still needs work though, will keep you updated.

Today we have not heard from Charles and Jenny.
Each day, you get a report of your team’s activity, and so does everyone else.
Just like that, a simple compilation email transforms team thinking- no apps, usernames or passwords needed.

What to expect from Wundamail


You’ll Need Fewer Meetings

It’s easy to structure, streamline and organise teamwork. Complete projects without status meetings, and keep remote workers on the same page.


You’ll Single Out The Stars

When team members hold each other responsible for driving progress, it’s easy to measure performance and reward good work.


You’ll Identify Weak Links

It’s plain to see who isn’t pulling their weight. Peer-to-peer accountability means no excuses.


You’ll Lead From The Front

The question you choose actively steers team thinking in the direction you want. By checking in each day, you keep your team focused on your strategy and vision.


You’ll Resolve Problems Swiftly

The compilation makes it simple to locate issues and blockers. If you need to manage a crisis, Wundamail makes sure everyone receives the correct information.


You’ll Extract Value

Wundamail reveals the hidden knowledge and insight locked away within your organisation. It exposes patterns of intelligence, data and activity that you can extract real value from.

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Wundamail Concierge is here to help.

It couldn’t be simpler to get your team started with Wundamail. All it takes is a few clicks.

If you need a little more support to get things up and running, don't worry! We can help you set up. Simply fill in your details to arrange a call with the Wundamail Concierge Service.

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Thousands of happy customers

Manage with purpose

Manage with purpose

“The daily feedback allows me to offer direction to the team with more accuracy and purpose as I'm always in the know.”

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Remove the need for constant status meetings

Remove the need for constant status meetings

“I stopped having to chase for status updates every minute of the day as Wundamail just made them land in my inbox.”

Sam Schoenfeld - Braun Corporation
Keep everybody in the loop

Keep everybody in the loop

“The daily update gives us confidence to stay focused on our projects without worrying about stepping on each other's toes.”

Matt Reynolds - Airstream
Molton Brown

Wundaful Wundamail Features

Laptop Wundaful Wundamail Features
Everything at your fingertips

Everything at your fingertips

The Wundamail dashboard gives you at a glance access to the most important features of your Wundamail, along with powerful engagement metrics.

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Better management

Better management

Powerful enterprise grade management tools for users and multiple groups. Assign managers to take care of your user base.

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Keep everybody in the loop

Keep everybody in the loop

Full control over the look and feel of your Wundamail with our drag and drop designer, or just use one of our library of preset designs.

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Reward your team

Reward your team

Optional real life reward and recognition features to incentivise your team to work to their best. You don't have to enable rewards if you don't want to.

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