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Free trial

How Wundamail Works

Check-in email sent

Check-in email sent

Check-in emails are sent to members of your team at the end of every working day.

Team responds

Team responds

Team members respond to the emails on any device. No apps, usernames or passwords needed.

Everyone gets update

Everyone gets updated

The next morning all responses are compiled into one email and sent to everyone in the team.

Managing your team members

Just click the 'Add User' button to invite team members to Wundamail.

  • Add team members one at a time or bulk import a list.

  • Organise members into groups to target different messages.

  • Added members get sent an email explaining Wundamail.

  • Create as many groups as you like.

  • Add and delete team members whenever you wish.

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Create your perfect Wundamail - No design skills required

Getting a great look is easy when you start with one of our pre-designed templates

  • Drag and drop logos, image files and more into the daily emails.

  • Your communications look great in every email client - desktop and mobile.

  • Set it and forget it. Once it's set up, your design gets sent automatically every day.

  • Choose from a selection of great pre-made templates to kick start your design.

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Inspiring behavioural change

If you wish, you can comment on your team's responses before they get distributed. Call out great behaviours and lead from the front.

  • Optionally edit, comment or delete your team member's responses.

  • Highlight great behaviour to set examples your team can learn from.

  • Set the tone of the day during your commute. Leave comments and instructions for your team to follow.

  • Bring the entire team into the conversation and communicate every day in less than a minute.

Laptop Inspiring behavioural change

Optional rewards and recognition platform built in.

Let your team choose from a range of great rewards to aim towards.

  • Automatically assign points to active Wundamail participants.

  • Team members can view their progress and goals online.

  • When team members score enough points, they win their chosen reward.

  • After winning one reward, team members choose another, and the motivational cycle continues.

Laptop Optional rewards and recognition