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Struggling To Motivate Your Team? We Have The Solution…

June 1, 2021

Remote Working, Team Management, Workplace Culture

Motivation is one of those things that can be tough to come by, especially when your team is spread out across the country and you’re trying to ignite some passion. How do you get everyone excited about what’s coming up next? How can you get people onboard with new products and strategies? How can you keep your team going through slow periods? These are all massive questions that honestly, have a very simple solution.

Location Issues

If you’re trying to get a whole team hyped and onboard with a new strategy or product that’s going live, then having a remote or flexible workforce can be an issue. It’s easy to try and excite a room full of people, but when the team is spread out and doesn't have that group mentality, motivation can be difficult.

You need something that’s going to transcend physical location and allow individuals to actually feel like team members. Inclusivity is key when trying to motivate your team, excitement and drive is infectious so if you get one or two on board, the rest are more likely to follow, especially if it’s done publicly. 

Wundamail asks a daily question to your entire team and compiles the answers into one email that’s circulated to the whole team. One email, everyone’s status updates, no faff and everyone has equal space and opportunity to share their voice. 

Accountability & Comparison

Something that helps to push people forward and continue to thrive is competition. Whether you consider yourself a competitive person or not, when you see someone in a similar position getting better results or doing interesting things, it pushes you to try and imitate, then surpass them. These direct, public comparisons create a culture of accountability, something that helps guide our teams to be the best that they can be.

Wundamail shows you and your team this in a very simple way that makes it very difficult for slackers to hide and easy for highly motivated individuals to shine. This is not only great for managers, but makes team members up their game so that they have something to contribute to the Wundamail each day.


When it comes to having freelancers in your team, it can be a struggle to get everyone on the same page and feeling like a cohesive team. Especially if you’re trying to motivate your team to get to the end of a certain deadline or get them out of a bit of a creative rut, ensuring in-house and freelance are equally onboard can be tricky.

With Wundamail you can communicate all messaging clearly and easily, regardless of schedule, location or seniority. As it’s in email form, sent at the same time each day, team members know when to expect the daily question and when they’re going to receive the compilation. So, it doesn’t matter if your freelancers are on different working schedules or on the other side of the globe, they’ll receive it and have a chance to respond regardless - unifying your team wherever they are.

Different Projects

Sometimes it happens that different team members are working on completely different projects, and it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is getting on with. When everyone is siloed it can be tricky to keep motivated on what you’re doing. After all, no one is there to push you or work with you. 

Wundamail allows you to have full visibility of your team’s activities. This enables team members to see what everyone’s doing and compare it to their own projects, taking inspiration and borrowing strategies from each other to get the most out of the team as a whole.

Motivating individuals is hard enough, but aligning and inspiring an entire team is an entirely different beast. Wundamail makes it simple. Try it for yourself for 14 days free today.

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