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The Management Solution That’s Changing Leadership For The Better...

June 8, 2021

Remote Working, Team Management, Monitoring Teams

Management isn’t easy, if you’re a manager or a leader, you don’t need us to tell you that. Between juggling projects, communicating with people around the world, and playing politics, it can be exhausting and eat up a lot of your time. So, when it comes to automating and organisation, tech-based management solutions can be a real lifesaver.

Staying in the loop

When you’ve got a lot of different responsibilities, staying in the loop can fall by the wayside in favour of putting out fires in the here and now. Especially if you have a lot of independent projects going on within your team, it can be a struggle to keep an overview of what everyone should be working on.

With Wundamail, you receive updates from every member of your team in one daily email, which the whole team also receives automatically in their email inbox. This means you have full visibility when it comes to team and individual activity and can stay in the loop no matter how busy your day is.

Avoid the dreaded hover

No one likes having their manager on their shoulder when they’re trying to get work done. It’s irritating, it’s uncomfortable, and realistically it’s not effective. Team members are more anxious and preoccupied by you standing behind them instead of focusing on their work. Also, if you’re hovering, you’re not getting on with anything productive either - so that’s two parts of the team that aren’t working straightaway.

By having one daily status update, it gives team members the space and opportunity to actually get on and focus on the task at hand. Think about it, every time that you interrupt a team member it can take on average 30 minutes for the team member to get back fully focused on their task, so if you can minimise interruptions it benefits everyone.

Accountability all round

Most of the time, managers tend to hear the loudest voice in the room, especially when it comes to ideas in meetings. It can make it really difficult to ascertain who has the good ideas and who’s just taking credit. 

With Wundamail it’s clear to see who is doing what and where the division of labour and creativity is. Everyone has a voice, everyone has equal space and opportunity to share their work and ideas. No one likes the person who takes credit for work they didn’t do. Wundamail makes that a thing of the past - give credit where credit is due.

Dictate the conversation

Another struggle that many managers face is getting entire teams on board with new messaging, strategies or projects, especially if the team is partially or fully remote. It can be frustrating having to repeat messaging or spend time reinventing the wheel when it comes to communication. 

Wundamail allows you to change the daily question to suit the needs of you and your team. That means if you have important news to get across to your entire team, you can add links or updates in the template. If you want to brainstorm new ideas, Wundamail is ideal for brainstorming and getting feedback from your entire team. It truly allows you to dictate the conversation and keep everyone on the same page.

Management is difficult enough, especially if your team is spread out, so here at Wundamail we believe in making everyone’s lives easier. One simple daily question, one compilation email, and everyone’s informed, accountable and on board - it’s the leadership dream. So, try Wundamail for 14 days free today!

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