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How Wundamail Is Transforming Sales Teams

June 15, 2021

Team Management, Monitoring Teams, Workplace Culture

If you’re the leader of a sales team then you’ll know it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page and keep an eye on where all your sales people are at. Everyone’s on different accounts, going after different demographics and at different stages in the closing process. CRMs are great for tracking data, but on a day-to-day basis, helping with queries and managing your sales team, it’s not quite the solution for the job.

Sharing Leads

Sometimes you network and make new contacts that might not be appropriate for your project or account, but would be ideal for someone else in the team. This kind of cooperation and teamwork is integral to a successful sales team. Sales as an industry has a reputation for being a cut throat, competitive individual style sport, but really it works best when the team works together to fit the clients to the best sales people for that particular request. Everyone has their advantages and skills sets,  so why not play to the strengths of the team as a whole, rather than letting individual ego take precedence. 

Wundamail’s transparent nature makes it clear to see who’s working on what, and what kind of leads each individual is looking for. From that you can share leads and find the best fit for everyone involved. The result? More sales, better relationships and better reputations.

Trying New Techniques

The world of sales moves fast and techniques and strategies can get outdated very quickly. Being able to share new ways of contacting and securing leads quickly and effectively can massively impact the success of your sales team as a whole.  

Simply check your daily Wundamail compilation to see what everyone else is doing, how they’re doing and how successful these new techniques are. Sharing is caring here.

Keeping An Eye

Sales people, especially out in the field, aren’t guaranteed to be in the office fives days a week, so it can be time consuming to try and catch up with everyone individually and find out what they’re working on. By the time you’ve rung around or emailed everyone, they’ve probably moved onto something else. Either that or you might be interrupting their flow, neither is ideal.

With one daily question, one daily compilation, you and your team have full visibility of what’s going on, who’s working on what, and any blockers or successes that might be with knowing. It’s the simple way to manage your team no matter where they are without having to be the dreaded micromanager.

Spotting The Slackers

We know that sales people tend to have the gift of the gab, so it can be difficult to tell when someone’s covering up the fact they’re struggling or the fact that they’re slacking off a bit. As a manager you need to know where the problems are so that you can help your team improve and overcome any struggles.

Wundamail makes team members accountable. It motivates them to plan their days so that they have something to respond with when the daily question lands in their inbox. People who consistently don’t respond or have vague, action-less answers can be easily identified and followed up with.

Managing a sales team can be tricky, looking after big personalities, spread across the country, working on independent projects and accounts, but the transparency and visibility that comes with Wundamail makes it a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Try Wundamail free for 14 days today.

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