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How to Make the Most out of a Dispersed Team

October 20, 2020

Remote Working, Team Management, Workplace Culture

Now that many people have adapted to remote working, the period might have prompted a conversation about how your business should run in a post-pandemic world. What the remote period has taught us is that a large proportion of people enjoy working from home, however the issue is naturally a bit like marmite - while some thrive in this environment, others will be keen to return to a shared workspace; even for a few days a week.

Dispersed teams materialise for more reasons than simply allowing for remote work. Deciding to manage this sort of team can offer many benefits for businesses, such as; having a larger pool of talent to choose from, decreased office costs, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity and more diversity amongst employees.

If you think it’s time to coordinate a dispersed team, Wundamail HQ is here to make that process as smooth as possible.

Take a look below for some key tips on how to get the most out of a dispersed team.


All-in-one Communication

For any dispersed team, it’s a good idea to implement regular all-in-one communication strategies across the board for a variety of employee benefits. This might depend on where your team is geographically dispersed, and of course it needs to follow Covid-19 regulations - but to discuss wider company objectives and keep everyone in the loop, we recommend planning all-in-one company meetings.

This could be annually, monthly, fortnightly or weekly - whatever suits your company’s needs best. Having this regular communication allows individuals time to plan around their work and travel if necessary. It’s absolutely acceptable to host these kinds of meetings virtually, especially in the current climate where meeting up presents challenges. Get everyone together on a video-call, introduce new team members and have relaxed conversations which can later lead into company updates and discussions. This structured communication allows for everyone in the business to feel included, updated and motivated to pursue their work.


Set Clear Objectives

It’s essential as a dispersed team to set clear expectations and objectives for individuals and internal teams in the business in order to work towards wider company goals. Without regular objective setting, team members could lose motivation and productivity in their work if the company vision becomes unclear.

One way to achieve this is to set-up a collective project board for teams to outline designated tasks - this allows everyone to see what’s been achieved and what’s yet to be completed.

Having this structure and organisation is imperative for employees who are working in different locations, as they can track individual progress without having to host unnecessary meetings. But remember, as a leader, to communicate these goals verbally too; it shows you’re on top of the workload and ready for success.


Keep it Positive

Being in a dispersed team doesn’t mean that team morale and strong relationships go out of the window. However without regular communication, strong leadership and motivation, dispersed teams could easily lose momentum and become disengaged. To avoid this, ignite positivity into your team by demonstrating what’s currently working well, outline individual and team achievements and praise those who are on track. Communication doesn’t have to be rigid. In fact, 78% of employees simply want their managers to be a genuine person. Check-in with team members; support them in their roles and development, be positive, be engaged and inspire them - the optimistic attitude you fire into your team will only be mirrored back to you.


Review and Reflect

With all things in life, sometimes the good comes with the bad - and sometimes hurdles are thrown into the vision, objectives might not be met, conflict might arise, which is why it’s vital to establish periods of reflection in a dispersed team.

A dispersed team who communicates their challenges in a healthy manner will bounce back stronger than ever. A healthy, dispersed team will provide an inclusive platform for everyone to discuss their thoughts while also listening and acknowledging all employees. They will communicate clearly and calmly, by offering future solutions rather than dwelling on the negativity of obstacles. Learn from any mistakes and channel them into positivity - review key performance areas and get back on track with the central vision.

Having this strong foundation of healthy, constructive feedback will help dispersed teams rebound after any challenge they might face.


The Right Software

Finally, to have a successful dispersed team, the right software can make a huge difference to workload, communication and productivity.

Think about how you want your team to communicate and implement the right technology to suit this. A lot of dispersed teams use video-conferencing and instant messaging excessively, but we recommend using written and automatic communication to communicate asynchronously. The point of asynchronous communication is that it understands and promotes uninterrupted employee time, as synchronous communication often distracts.


Why not take advantage of Wundamail’s daily check-in tool? It sends a question of your choice to the whole team, then compiles the responses into a single group email for all to see.

Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see - so you can keep your things accountable and efficient, wherever you are.





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