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Back To Basics: Why Wundamail Works for Modern Teams

September 24, 2020

Remote Working, Team Management, Monitoring Teams

Communication, efficiency & consistency.

Wundamail is the simple, yet effective way to get a real grip on team management. Ever considered the impact condensing unnecessary meetings into one daily email update can have? Here at Wundamail, we have combined top of the range software with behavioural science to create a product that really can help your team bond, build and improve! In this blog we will be going over the basics of Wundamail and explaining how this software can make a real impact on your team!

How Wundamail’s Impact on Communication Helps Everyone!

Wundamail has helped countless offices across the globe bring teams together– it's built into the DNA of the software. Daily check-ins provide a platform for communication across all levels of your business. Communication in the workplace is pivotal, not only to business success, but also employee happiness.

Wundamail daily check-ins promote a positive work culture and spark conversation; boosting morale and giving workers a real sense of purpose. Employees have a platform to showcase all of their great work everyday! How many times have you been running a team, and missed the stuff that matters? Don’t let your team go above and beyond, only for their accomplishments to go completely unnoticed and unpraised. When people feel underappreciated, they’ll wonder why they bother.

Most business managers don’t have a play-by-play of all the fantastic work that their employees are putting in day in, day out. Wundamail provides a platform and a purpose for the stars in your team to really shine out, finally.

And on the other hand, it’s a great accountability hack– as a means to pick out the bad apples in the group. Showcase who’s doing what and who isn’t!

How Wundamail Improves Efficiency

Every business is focused on one thing; how can we improve results and make our business better. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, be it sales or engineering, everyone wants better results quicker!

Businesses have and will continue to spend unnecessary time and money working with external consultants trying to put their finger on how they can solve this issue. Save your time and money; we have the answer, it’s efficiency. A standard definition of employees working efficiently means that they are getting more done in less time, and this is definitely one of the main target areas Wundamail hits. By switching the boring daily briefing, that often goes in one ear and out the other, to a quick daily email that can be referred back to– you are giving workers more time to actively be getting stuff done!

Wundamail allows you to send an update or query at the same time every day, this means that workers begin to factor Wundamail into their daily routine! Think about it, how much of your valuable time are you wasting in unscheduled or overly long meetings, when a quick daily update would do the trick?

Let Wundamail buy you and your team time. Every day. Do you have some basic training that needs to be done, or perhaps want feedback from your team on something? Send it out on your daily Wundamail! Instead of interrupting your workers whilst they are in the flow of their work, let them focus on what really matters; use Wundamail instead!

How to Improve Team Performance with Wundamail

So far, we have established that Wundamail can help bring your team closer together.

Now, let’s chat through how you can identify the top performers in your team– and incentivise your team to accomplish more every day. Sounds good, right? With the addition of our Wundamail rewards and recognition system you can give your workers a real-life incentive to keep working at this brand new high-standard.

Wundamail allows you to add rewards to your account, meaning that you can assign points to users who are providing particularly valuable and positive contributions. Once they get a certain amount of points, they can cash them in on a prize! You decide what constitutes points, how many points equals a prize and what the prize is. For example, imagine you are working for a marketing company and are really struggling on a catchy slogan for your upcoming product.

Why not put it out on Wundamail– the best answer gets points that can be used towards an amazon voucher? Not only are you giving people a real incentive to get involved, but you are also offering them a platform to have their voices heard. A win-win situation. The link between behavioural change and positive reinforcement is undeniably strong, and something that can really benefit teams and leaders who are crying out for a method to drive workers towards a certain goal or aim.

So, what are you waiting for?

The best thing about Wundamail is just how easy it is to set up! No lengthy installations on everyone in the offices’ computer, no separate applications that constantly need updating, and you don’t need a PhD in Computer Science to get to grips with it.

It’s simple to use and all happens within your teams pre-existing email; just sign up, log in, and operate your teams account directly from our website. Still in two minds? Sign up for a free 14 day trial, no credit card required, no strings attached. Have a look for yourself and have a Wundaful day!

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