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Wundamail Voices: The Future of Work with Paddy Anigbo

August 20, 2020

Remote Working, Team Management, Workplace Culture

In today's edition of Wundamail Voices, we catch up with the CEO and Managing Director of Diro Systems Ltd, Paddy Anigbo, to get his take on what the future of work looks like and why leaders need to be ready and receptive to change.

What do you think the future of work looks like post-crisis?

The pandemic has re-engineered how we work. In a lock down organisations like Diro Systems that provide ICT service and support, has adapted to remote working as standard and have had to rethink how we service our customers. The future of work will be more knowledge based as more services are consolidated in the cloud to allow remote access.
The ability to deploy and manage solutions remotely will feature very much in the services we deploy and support. An emphasis on less physical presence means that the key to delivering our services going forward will be based delivering at the sharp end of the knowledge within the organisations we support and much less on brick and mortar solutions.
How should managers/leaders prepare for the future?
The major challenge for managers and leaders will be to transform how knowledge is deployed, shared and used by a diverse team with diverse locations. If you need people to travel to get the job done, change the way the job gets done.
What have you learned from the crisis? How will you be applying these lessons going forward?
This pandemic has forced me to review our work culture and realise that work can be done from anywhere and we have started to make the necessary changes to enable our teams to function more effectively. Teams have less travel time and can be more effective using the recovered time to achieve more. There is of course a change to how teams are managed with an emphasis on more remote contact and more regular communication. Collaboration in teams have greater emphasis with a remote working culture.
Do you have any tips for kickstarting and managing your team when you return to the office?
The key is HOW we "return to office". It has to be different which in turn impacts on how teams engage each other. A greater emphasis on trust becomes necessary and building that trust will be key for business leaders.
Do you have any other wisdom leaders of teams can benefit from?
There is a huge opportunity here in turning these changes to great advantages. Retooling the team to deliver a wider variety of tasks is an obvious opportunity.
Paddy Anigbo is a Chartered IT Professional with over 20 years experience of implementing major IT projects including network, systems and communications infrastructure. During a highly enjoyable 12 year work career, he developed a results focused approach to management having been involved in a major quality agenda that was recognised by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). In particular, as a member of a Senior Management Group, he played a significant role in developing and deploying quality management tools across the organisation he worked for. He also developed a wealth of industry contacts through years of networking and company representation on various technology and management forums.
Armed with all of this experience, Paddy founded Diro Systems in 2008 and have since grown the company adding their office on the African continent in 2012. They have worked with clients in the UK and Nigeria delivering high quality products and services. They have developed excellent partnerships with major OEMs in the industry enabling them deploy quality IT solutions cost effectively. You can find Paddy on Twitter @dirosky and @dirosystems

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