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Women at Work - How Wundamail Creates an Inclusive Work Culture

February 24, 2020

Team Management, Workplace Culture, Inclusivity

If you’re a company that’s renowned for promoting the importance of diversity in your workplace, you might think you’ve already done the difficult job when it comes to building a successful company culture. But have you considered whether your ethos is inclusive? Are you giving equal opportunities to all of your staff? Are you bridging the gender gap by supplying staff with limitless resources and training? 

Many organisations confuse diversity with inclusivity. In reality, the two conversations are mutually exclusive. While a diverse team offers beneficial outcomes for a company, including further representation for a variety of customers, a better market position and a clearer vision to reach certain goals, it’s important for individuals to feel included in the team once they’ve been recruited.

An inclusive environment is one which offers people a place to feel valued and respected while having access to the same opportunities.  And yet, this is a hurdle that many organisations are failing to cross, particularly when it comes to bridging the gender disparity in the workplace. Only 5% of women are leading the United State’s top 3000 companies. These companies must have a vast amount of women working for them, so why are they not transitioning into leadership roles?

According to Wundamail’s Women at Work Report 2020, 67% of women feel they could do their manager’s job better than them. This suggests the fundamental problem is not a lack of self-belief, as is often narrativised in the media. It’s more likely down to a basic lack of inclusivity in the workplace, whether that’s through women feeling undervalued, underrepresented, or under-trained. The key message here is simple: you need to include all members of your team. 

There are several ways in which you or your company can implement inclusivity in a team. A fair and open communication system is a great way of encouraging teamwork, particularly one which displays everyone’s views and gives them an easy platform to be heard. Unconscious gender bias is embedded into our culture at work, making it severely difficult for women to often get their points across in the boardroom, which can later instigate feelings of inferiority and low self-worth. Emails can get lost in people’s feeds, and chat apps can be difficult to track productivity when it comes to managing teams. If you’re managing a large team in a huge office, or a small team who work remotely, you need a solution which offers excellent communication for everyone.

Wundamail includes everyone in the team

Communication software, like Wundamail, is a great way for teams to be inclusive.

Wundamail is the simple, modern way to manage teams. Whatever your leadership style, whatever your company type,  it’s designed to inspire powerful behavioural change within organisations of every shape and size.

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Each day, Wundamail sends a question to the whole team. This question can be modified to whatever you need to find out from your team - for example, ‘where is everyone up to with the project?. Wundamail then compiles everyone’s responses into a single group email, ready to be sent out the next day. Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see - no apps, usernames, or passwords needed. Just like that, a daily feedback loop promotes accountability, unlocks insight, and keeps teamwork efficient and inclusive. When your compilation is ready, you can reward those who are working hard and keep track of people who perhaps need to stop slacking. The beauty of Wundamail is that you can see everyone’s updates, so it promotes a little healthy competition to keep your team productive, and it’s super easy. 

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