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How to use Wundamail for Project Management

February 28, 2020

Team Management, Monitoring Teams

Are you a project manager who’s ready to unlock their potential for great leadership?

It's time to try Wundamail.

If you want to supercharge your leadership, improve communication in your team, and keep on top of time and risk management, here’s how Wundamail can help.

What is Wundamail and How is it Used? 

Each day, Wundamail sends out a message to the whole team. This message is the ‘daily question’, it can be modified to whatever fits your needs and set for whatever time you want the message to arrive in your team’s inbox. For example, the daily question could be: “‘What barriers are currently obstructing you in this project?”, in which your team would reply with their answers. The next day, Wundamail compiles all the individual messages into a single email, giving you the essential team update, straight into your inbox. The daily feedback loop allows you to manage your team whether you work remotely or in a large corporate office. 

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It’s Time for Proactive Leadership 

Whatever your leadership style, Wundamail is designed to inspire behavioural change within organisations of every shape and size. 

As a project manager, you need to set the vision, and it’s easier to do this with a platform to communicate your goals. Wundamail isn’t designed to replace face-to-face communication, as some members of your team might prefer to talk in person anyway. But what it achieves is a daily, written summary of your team’s efforts - this is a great way of tracking goals, managing communication and displaying your team’s work to your clients. By hearing from every individual in the team on a daily basis, with their daily update, you can visibly see where everyone is up to on the project by having an open and transparent communication system. 

If you’re struggling to motivate your team, communication software is a great way to boost productivity and reward deserving team members. It provides a little healthy competition as nobody wants to be seen as a slacker . As a leader, you can evaluate performance based on what your team members have achieved on the project, and if necessary, you can challenge or offer support privately via a one-on-one message. 

Through the combination of daily repetition, transparency and peer-to-peer accountability, Wundamail works to revolutionise group culture.

The point is that it allows you to be the no.1 cheerleader in your team, you can steer your leadership, guide the agenda through asking the daily question and monitor group and individual progress. It saves you pestering people at their desks and gives you a roadmap for success in tracking your projects. Nobody gets interrupted or ignored - a huge bonus for everyone who is working under time constraints.

Inclusive Communication 

The ability to communicate well is essential - this is just one code of conduct that every project manager should follow if they’re not already. While it’s great to consider yourself as a powerful communicator, it’s important to equally encourage your team to be open and honest in their communication. In some circumstances, and for some personality types, this can be incredibly tricky. If you’re an introverted type, or perhaps just own a quiet voice, it can be hard to get your points across in meetings. But this shouldn’t result in your voice being unheard. 

Wundamail caters to every type of team. Why? Because it boosts inclusivity in your team by giving everyone an equal platform to voice their thoughts or concerns about a project - everyone gets the same opportunity to showcase their achievements and be rewarded for them too. The beauty of the daily and visual compilation means all team members are on the same page and can monitor each other's progress too - it’s accessible for everyone to see and use. Wundamail’s daily question provides you with clarity and consistency, meaning you can clearly communicate your goals to your team and feel assured in knowing that everyone is receiving the same information in an inclusive fashion. 

Scrap those pointless meetings

We all know the feeling of being required to attend a meeting which is likely to be unproductive - particularly in the modern workplace, where individuals have access to multiple digital channels. As a project manager, you could easily cut the number of meetings down to fruitfully manage yours and your team’s time.  

You probably already possess a chat app of some kind, whether it’s Slack or Whatsapp. If you think it’s a useful way to communicate with your team about projects, you’ll be able to supercharge the conversation with Wundamail. 

Wundamail filters out the important messages so that you can plan your next move and set the agenda in your projects. The written, daily communication and compilation email helps to track and manage risks after receiving daily updates. Because you’re setting the question yourself, you can extract whatever you need from your team and resist the need to have a meeting - even if you do secretly love them. In terms of risk management, the daily compilation allows you to access every individual’s concerns and flag them accordingly. If somebody is concerned about potentially not meeting a deadline, Wundamail can help in tracking their productivity. By using this communication software, you’re likely to mitigate risks. And the more risks you mitigate effectively, the more successful a PM you will become. 

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