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How To Speed Up The Transition To Remote Teams

March 18, 2020

Remote Working, Monitoring Teams

With the shift towards remote work becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses across the globe, being able to mobilise and make the switch at short notice, with minimal disruption has never been more important. Most managers and leaders would say that the majority of their role is supporting their team members and people management in general. Switching to remote working, especially if that change is a sudden one, is a big adjustment to make, and you will definitely face a barrage of questions from your employees.


This questions can range from the more pragmatic approach of necessary tools and working patterns, to communication channels, to logistics surround group projects. In times like this, where there’s been a sudden change for necessity’s sake, there are always more topics that employees want to clarify, even if the switch to remote working is only a temporary measure.


If you want to address your employees concerns quickly and directly, you can open up the dialogue using Wundamail. You won’t need to repeat yourself, and everyone in the team can see your response in the compilation. It cuts out any middle man and quickly and efficiently combat any concerns. This way they can also reference the email in the future, should any questions arise at a later date. It’s the quick and efficient way to get to the heart of any concerns that your employees might have about the transition and allows you, as a manager, to conveniently keep abreast of progress in one simple email.


Especially in the initial stages, keeping the dialogue open is critical. As with any new challenge, remote working will have its teething problems that need to be ironed out as and when they appear. Utilising the daily Wundamail really helps to address these challenges when they occur in an organised, rational and undisruptive way. This way you can also utilise the hive mind of the entire team in case someone else has already discovered a solution, giving you full visibility of any questions, queries or problems that your team members might have.


In terms of pragmatic questions surrounding equipment and workflows to get your team up and running from their remote location as soon as possible, why not utilise a remote working policy document to cover all bases and circulate it in the daily Wundamail question. This way everyone knows where they stand and the entire team understands fully that although the location has changed, this is still work, this is still business as usual, and the normal processes, rules and chain of command still apply.


Remote work is coming and, in some cases, you might not have the luxury of a longer transition period to work out what works best for your team, and introducing teleworking in a staggered and controlled way. The adage goes, time is money, and the longer it takes you and your team to adjust the less efficient and productive your team becomes. The ability to speed up this transition not only comes from necessity, but also gives you and your team the chance to fully immerse yourselves in everything remote work has to offer, even if the switch is temporary.


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