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What Tools Do I Need To Manage Remote Employees

March 17, 2020

Remote Working, Team Management

The shift towards remote working is inevitable, and for some of us, the move is coming much quicker than any of us thought. Although many of the channels we use on a daily basis will still be in use when working remotely, such as CRMs and email, there are some unique challenges that might benefit from extra tools or software. Primarily, this would be communication software, but also includes team management software, security considerations and questions around relevant hardware.


Without physical meetings, you need a robust software that can handle multiple users contributing to it without it crashing or eating up all the WiFi. It also needs to get to the point quickly. You, as a manager, don’t want to be ringing around or sending hundreds of chasing emails because the message you posted on Slack got lost amongst everyone else’s posts. Simply you need to send out one message and get a compilation of everyone’s responses sent directly to your inbox. This is exactly what Wundamail does, making it the ideal remote working team management solution.


Additionally, you need to ensure that if you’re working with any sensitive information or systems that you and your team can access these from home. Whether that’s through a VPN, password protected shared documents, or locked files, this needs to be considered. You don’t want to receive a message after the office has been closed that an employee can’t access the crucial file they need to finish a project because of security and IT concerns. Also, it’s a basic one, but ensuring everyone has reliable internet and phone service is of the utmost importance. In cities this isn’t a huge problem, but for more rural colleagues, the high quality connectivity necessary to run video conference calls might not necessarily be available, making the Wundamail offering of a text-based, low integration, all-inclusive solution a more viable option for the masses.


In terms of ensuring that everyone has appropriate hardware, this goes further than just having a working laptop and a secure internet connection. Are there specific machines that this person needs to effectively perform their role. Maybe it’s a specific kind of camera or printer or harddrive. On the less role-specialised end of the spectrum, most employees tend to utilise video conference calling software, so a reliable webcam and microphone set up (if it’s not integrated into your computer or laptop) is a must for most remote workers. This being said, if you’re opting not to use this kind of software in favour of text-based team management software, such as Wundamail, this becomes less of an imminent concern.


Remote working is growing so it’s imperative that you prepare your team not just in terms of your day-to-day processes but also from a more practical standpoint. Working remotely has plenty of benefits, but it is a big adjustment for a lot of people - having the right tools for the job makes the transition ten times easier. Wundamail is the right tool for managing remote teams of any size. For a limited time only, Wundamail is giving away a FREE month of work from home software to any business or organisation who needs it.


Our software is purpose built for managing people remotely, and will keep your team on track in the coming weeks.



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