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Wundamail Voices: The Future of Work with Ashley Stahl

May 21, 2020

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Ashley Stahl, Career Coach, Founder and CEO of Cake Publishing, Host of the @YouTurn Podcast


This week on Wundamail Voices, we hear from Ashley Stahl, who shares her thoughts on how businesses might operate and adapt in a post-pandemic world.


What do you think the future of work looks like post-crisis?


A New Normal

“With the influx of remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, I foresee this becoming a new standard, opening doors for a larger percentage of the workforce to work from home.

With that, will come the demand for better technology that allows people to experience human connection without feeling so limited by their computer screen.

In many cases, this time has proven that businesses can operate without all staff on site, so we can expect to see this become a new level or normalcy.”


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How should managers/leaders prepare?


Prioritise Effort and Task Completion

“Communication and trust will be more important than ever for leadership to be effective. Managers will need to establish clear lines of communication and set transparent expectations for what each role and team member is responsible to execute.

“One of the fears with remote work has been around whether employees aren’t actually working, but I view this as an opportunity to prioritize effort and task completion, over the number of hours spent in the office. When leaders establish a culture of trust with their employees, remote work can truly thrive. One suggestion for managers to implement is having a "done" list sent to them each day or week from team members, as a way to ensure work gets done and trust remains solid.

“This is the time for leaders to be understanding. Everyone responds to crisis and change on varying scales. Some will be quick to adapt, while others may struggle or be directly impacted by the pandemic. Treat each employee's level of sensitivity with an respect, and know that employers must communicate to ensure job security for their staff, who is likely wondering whether their jobs are "safe" or when things will go back to "normal"- less communication leaves room for imagination, and that is not healthy for your employees to marinate in. As things begin to open back up, hold a private meeting or call with individuals to understand where they are living and what will help them succeed moving forward.”

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Is this a step in the right direction and why?


Foster a culture of trust

In many cases, how corporations were operating before wasn’t totally working. Focusing on hours worked, versus results generated, was triggering employee disengagement and discouragement. Given the benefits of remote work, for both employees (commute time, productivity and schedule flexibility) and corporations (reduced energy bills, office space rent, and broader talent reach) this transition is a step in the right direction. The key to the success of a remote workplace future, is to foster a culture of trust while communicating clear boundaries and expectations.

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