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Using Wundamail Alongside Monday

November 18, 2019

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Here at Wundamail HQ, we’re all about working together and collaborating to get the best out of our teams. That’s why if there’s a way to make our lives simpler, we jump at the opportunity. Whilst we obviously use Wundamail for our team management, and to ensure everyone knows where we stand in terms of overarching strategy and vision, project management tools such as can work well alongside Wundamail to give a more in depth analysis of where daily tasks are sitting.


Much like Trello, is great for seeing at a glance where various projects are and how close to their deadlines they are. The software is great for project management and mapping out project tasks across your team. It’s a really visual way of ensuring everyone gets the job done on time.


So how do you make the most of your subscription? When everything is located in a central project management system, it can be hard to get an accurate screenshot of team thinking. Red, yellow and green are great for making it clear what needs doing and when, but can make it difficult to gauge the mood of the locker room, or proactively manage the group. This is where Wundamail comes into play.


By way of a simple daily update, Wundamail is able to cut through the noise. It condenses team thinking into one single email, allowing you to rally, motivate and nurture your team members. Bring all of your project tasks from into Wundamail, align your employees and stay on top of what matters most.


After all, people aren’t traffic lights. Wundamail is designed with the human brain in mind, and the clear, automatic feedback loop allows leaders to keep tabs on progress, while giving team members the space to innovate, push projects forward and think for themselves. See? It couldn’t be simpler to supercharge your subscription. and similar project management tools function as a refined team diary that keeps you organised and up-to-date with your deadlines and collaborations. Wundamail then works to condense this into a simple, daily email. prides itself on its visual nature and being simple to understand, a belief that is shared by Wundamail and built into every facet of the software. Modern leaders need the inside track on team activity at a glance, and employees need to know where they stand.


Wundamail and make a powerful pair. If you need an efficient, engaged, and empowered team, there’s really no better combination. The best part? Wundamail works directly in your employee’s regular email inbox. There are no complex usernames, log-ins or passwords to remember, and you don’t need an IT department to integrate the software.


Make the most of with a simple daily update- sign up for your 14 day free trial today.



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