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Using Wundamail Alongside Trello

November 19, 2019

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Here at Wundamail HQ, we’re all about working together and collaborating to get the best out of our teams. If there’s a way to make our lives simpler, we jump at the opportunity. There are a number of great project management tools out there, and we believe Trello makes the perfect pair when it comes to assigning tasks, and making everyone gets everything done.


Trello has a visual platform to assign tasks and flag team progress. When it comes to organising your team’s projects and splitting up the workload, there’s nothing better. In terms of long-term management strategy, vision and communication, Wundamail provides an overarching feedback loop to keep everyone on the same page and seamlessly direct operations.


Wundamail is designed for managing teams rather than projects. It allows managers and leaders to get an accurate snapshot of team activity, assess the big picture and steer group thinking in a particular direction.


Trello offers a project diary with an index of tasks, and Wundamail ties everything together with a peer-to-peer daily update. Together, the two work to organise your team’s immediate and long-term strategy, and creating a culture of accountability and transparency across all operations.


Another great reason to combine Trello and Wundamail is the ease of integration. Trello toes in with hundreds of other apps, and Wundamail works directly in your employees email inbox without any complex IT integration.


After all, your team have got plenty to do without remembering a series of log-ins, usernames and passwords. And when you supercharge Trello by adding Wundamail, they’ll be even more efficient, motivated, and productive. Sign up today to unlock your 14 day Wundamail free trial, no credit card necessary.



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