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Passive Income: Side Hustle Whilst You Sleep

November 27, 2019

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We’ve all seen those posts about high flying footballers, rockstars and billionaire entrepreneurs who make more than we do in a month whilst having a catnap, right? With the evolution of internet-fame and “influencers”, it seems incredible that regular people can earn vast amounts of cash without lifting a finger. For the majority of us, however, this feels like a pipe-dream: a parallel universe of unimaginable success and wealth.

And yet, what if all it took to attain this were a touch of tech-savviness? Even billionaire entrepreneurs have to start somewhere, and most of today’s tech giants began as a “side hustle”. As SaaS (Software As A Service) companies take over the world, here’s how to capitalise on the rise of digital technology, and get your financial slice of the proverbial pie.

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Two words: Affiliate Programs. These can work extremely well as “side hustle”, as they do not require you to work two jobs or spend every waking hour grinding away. Software partner Programs are designed to complement your existing line of work, bolster your network, and add value to your clients at the same time. Depending on the industry that you work in, there may be opportunities to join affiliate programmes that dramatically boost your regular income and provide great solutions to those in your network.

An Affiliate Program is an arrangement whereby a company pays people or businesses to introduce a product to their audience. For example, a business consultant might recommend a team management solution to their clients, and take a cut when there’s a sale.

The great thing about becoming a SaaS affiliate is that because of their subscription-based nature, the commission tends to be recurring. So, once you’ve signed a customer up, you won’t just get a one off payment, you’ll get a cut of their monthly fees for however long they’re a customer. This is where your side hustling becomes passive income, generating itself whilst you sleep.

Now, these partner programmes are different from pyramid schemes and other multi-level marketing (MLM) programmes as do not charge affiliates at any stage. It’s a pure partnership- there’s no risk, no ongoing commitment, and a healthy, fair commission.

For example, the Wundamail Partner Programme is free to join and we give you all the marketing materials and collateral you might need to secure your clients. In return, you get a 40% commission per user, per month for the lifetime of your customer.

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Wundamail retails for $9. This means that if you refer three businesses of 100 employees each, you receive $1080 each month for as long as they use Wundamail. It’s easy to see how this figure can build over time, if you continue to introduce the software to your network. Equally, if you wish to recommend our software to one or two clients and stop there, you will still receive a regular stream of monthly income, without lifting a finger.

After you’ve initially secured and onboarded your clients, the Wundamail helpdesk offers support 24 hours a day to your customers. Anything they need, we’re here for them, so you can rest easy in the knowledge they are being looked after. This is why SaaS programs are an excellent choice for those looking to start a side hustle: you are soon earning significant income whilst you sleep.

Obviously the more you sell the product or software in any of these affiliate programmes, the more recurring income you’ll get back. But it’s the perfect side hustle - it’s flexible, worldwide and you can use your existing contacts to help maximise sales. Not only that, but here at Wundamail, we run events and organise support for our Wundamail Partner Community. Here, you can share tips, see what’s working for other partners, even organise meetups to discuss strategies. One of the misconceptions about affiliate marketing or starting a side hustle is that you have to go it alone, but with our community of like-minded partners, that’s not a factor.

Anyone can become an affiliate. The Wundamail Partner Community includes Business Consultants seeking to add value to their service through better team management, Enterprise Managers looking to introduce project management solutions, and Recruitment Agencies seeking to improve communication for their clients.

It’s a simple, risk-free win with potential for enormous rewards. If you’re interested in making passive income whilst you sleep, why not visit the Wundamail Partner Webpage and sign up to become a partner. In no time at all, you’ll be generating a regular stream of income, without lifting a finger. Become a Wundamail Partner today.

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