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Outlook, Gmail & Other Email-Based Integrations

November 25, 2019

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One of the key features of Wundamail is that it all works directly in your email inbox, removing the need for extra passwords or apps. Wundamail is super simple to use: there’s no need to involve the IT department.

As email providers grow and because part of a more diverse family of apps (such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) the potential for email as a piece team management software grows exponentially. That said, we do spend a large amount of our working hours clearing, writing and responding to emails as it is. Wundamail cuts through the noise of multiple email chains and progress reports by compiling the entire team’s updates into one digestible email.

Team management doesn’t need to cause a headache. Leading is about keeping everyone in the loop, identifying problems and finding solutions - things that both email providers and Wundamail prioritise. A core part of this is a sense of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. As the daily Wundamail is sent to everyone in the team, everyone can see what everyone else is up to; where crossovers might be occurring, where possibility for collaboration lies, where someone might be struggling. Normally, this would take a plethora of emails to discover, when Wundamail only needs one.

Collaboration within email providers has only grown in recent years with the introduction of file sharing capabilities. This has been invaluable for use within group projects and simply gauging the opinion of the team on different tasks. Nevertheless, often it’s the case that a manager will send a file round for comments and amendments and either receive multiple replies that they then have to collate, or irritate other team members with constant group email notifications. Neither of these options are conducive to a productive and efficient team environment.

With Wundamail, as long as the team members have the necessary OneDrive, Google Drive, Teams or Dropbox permissions to view the document in question, the manager can simply add the sharing link to the daily Wundamail template and collate all the comments and opinions in one place. No annoying chain emails or multiple strands to tie together. Using Wundamail in this way also creates a level of accountability - since everyone can see each other’s responses and updates they are then responsible for carrying their opinions or tasks through to completion. Everyone knows where they stand, and everyone knows what they should be doing.

It can be hard to manage and lead a team when everyone has individual needs and tasks to be getting on with. With Wundamail, one daily email can shape group thinking, outline strategy, gain updates, rally teams and create meaningful solution - all from within your existing email. Bet you didn’t think your inbox could do that, did you? Find out for yourself by signing up for our 14 day free trial - no credit card details necessary.

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