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How To Secure Your First Customer: 10 Steps To Success

September 30, 2019

Partner Resources

Welcome to the team! Congratulations on qualifying for the Wundamail Partner Program- we’re really looking forward to beginning our journey together. Our global community of Partners is expanding, and we’re ready to support you every step of the way.

So where to begin? In your portal, you'll find plenty of marketing materials, sales templates and useful resources, with advice on how best to leverage them. Once you've familiarised yourself with everything, we can even join your first calls, demos, and conversations to help guide you on best practice, or any answer technical questions. 

Anything you need, we’re here for you. Which is why we’ve put together 10 steps for securing your first Wundamail client- you’ll be earning recurring income in no time.


Send an introductory email, using one of our templates

For most of our partners, the best place to start is by sharing what you’re doing with your close contacts. It helps to make it personal, so we’ve put together a series of email templates which introduce your new partnership with us, so you can share the news with your email network.

You can edit these to include a personal touch, such as suggesting why Wundamail might work for a certain individual or business. These templates work to showcase the Wundamail brand and open the conversation about team management. All you have to do is insert your unique referral link, and select the recipients. It couldn’t be easier. 


Update Your Email Signature

Attaching a Wundamail banner to your email signature is a quick win in terms of getting maximum exposure. Each time you send an email, you’re establishing your credentials as a verified Wundamail partner, and pointing traffic toward the website.

It’s a simple, subtle way of bringing Wundamail to their attention. For a guide on how to insert your banner, click here.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile

When you join the Wundamail Partner Program, you’re connecting with a rapidly-growing community of like-minded people, right across the globe. Adding your new role as a Wundamail Partner on your LinkedIn Profile will signal to everyone that you’re part of something bigger- and that you’re qualified to transform team management. 

Connecting with us on LinkedIn will also ensure you’re kept updated with our new content as it comes out, so you can share posts, blogs, and videos with your audience in just a few clicks - just don’t forget to add that unique referral code!

Here's how to add a new role to your profile, and add a Wundamail banner.



Add A Clickable Logo To Your Website

If you have a website, it couldn’t be simpler to add a Wundamail logo and direct traffic to your link. If you already sell sell or provide professional services for other organisations, then you’ll likely have a place in mind for this. We find banners and logos work particularly well to direct traffic from your homepage, and we have digital assets to fit any webpage.

It’s all about leading people to the Wundamail site via your link. If they click once, we attach tracking cookies that ensure you get credited for the sale, even if they return to our site weeks later via a different route.


Share Wundamail Content With Your Audience

Here at Wundamail HQ, we’re always creating top-flight content and sharing it on our social media channels. Whether it’s industry-specific case studies, how-to guides, or blogs tackling modern business challenges, we’ve got an enormous selection of resources to choose from. 

It’s easy to re-share this content with your own audience with your unique referral link attached, by email, message or on your own social media. Here’s how to share our content with your own unique link attached- it couldn’t be simpler!


Add Your Link To Your Social Media Bios

Generally, your social media bio is the first thing your clients will see. Whether you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all of the above), adding that you’re a @wundamail partner is the best way to establish that you’re a member of our global community.




Consider Your Language

As any professional will know, it’s important to choose your words wisely when it comes to representing your brand. Our message is simple: we want simple, efficient team management for anyone, anywhere. 

We want to help you strike the right tone, so we’ve condensed our message into a simple set of brand guidelines. Here you’ll find pre-written text, soundbites, media bios and social media captions ready to roll. We’ve even written a series of Wundamail blog posts for you to publish, so you can direct toward converting your prospects.


Always Follow Up

Following up is the cornerstone of any successful sale. Has someone liked a Wundamail blog you shared, or responded to an email you sent? Send them a message, or pick up the phone. When potential prospects show an interest, it’s so important to be proactive- you need to fill them with confidence that Wundamail will work for them and their team.

Always follow up, no matter how small the potential lead might seem- they might hold the key to securing your first large client.


Ask For Assistance

The Wundamail team are here to help with anything you need. If you'd like, we'll join your first calls, demos, and conversations, to guide you on best practice and answer technical questions. We also provide plenty of sales support including live demos, brand messaging and your own personal success manager to steer you in the right direction.

You’re in safe hands with us- and so are your clients! We even have a dedicated concierge service for those new to Wundamail. We’ll show your clients the ropes, and help them get everything set up if they need a little more support to get things up and running. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re here to help you succeed, and love hearing from all our partners across the globe.



Trust The Process

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we appreciate it takes time to assemble a strong portfolio of Wundamail clients. The important thing is to keep sharing the Wundamail message within your network, and building rapport with your prospects. Teams love Wundamail, and our partnership process has an excellent track record (check out our partner case studies for ideas). 

So, there you have it. Welcome to the Wundamail Partner Program- you should have everything you need to start revolutionising team management within your contact base. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started earning together!

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