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How To Manage Your First Wundamail Account

September 30, 2019

Partner Resources

Congratulations! You’ve landed your first account as a Wundamail Partner, and are well on your way to building a strong, prosperous customer portfolio. Our software makes life easier for countless businesses worldwide, and your client can look forward to simpler, more efficient team management. So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to manage your relationship to ensure your clients remain Wundamail evangelists for years to come.

Walk Them Through

It’s so important to walk your client through Wundamail, and ensure they are set up correctly. We find our customers see the real benefit to Wundamail on roughly day 3 of using it, when they begin to act on the insight that arrives in the compilation.

Maintaining a strong Partner Portfolio is an ongoing journey, and requires you to keep good relationships with all your clients. In our experience, it’s easy to keep up good rapport when your software is automated to solve communication problems on a daily basis. 

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Some of our partners with a background in consultancy choose to continue receiving the daily compilation themselves, even after they have seen a project through to completion. This allows them to keep tabs on progress, observe the changes they’ve made in an organisation, and also ensure the software is being used to its full potential.

You’re in safe hands with us- and so are your clients! Remember, we have a dedicated concierge service for those new to Wundamail. We’ll show your clients the ropes, and help them get everything set up if they need a little more technical support to get things up and running. 


Check In

Communication is the key to keeping your relationships running smoothly, particularly during the first couple of weeks. Checking in to make sure your client is happy and satisfied with Wundamail will help you to highlight the positive changes, or catch any minor issues early on. You client will feel reassured in their decision, and will often prompt them to recommend you and your role as a Wundamail Partner within their own contact base.


Send Advice

As a Wundamail partner, you’ll be well acquainted with the resources on our website. These include how-to guides that highlight how customers can benefit from our great Wundamail features. All these materials advise users on how they get the most out of their Wundamail subscription.

Wundamail customers can peruse these resources to their heart’s content- but it might be a good idea to email or tag them in any articles they might find useful to begin with.

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Get Feedback

Don’t be afraid of asking the customer for feedback about the product, their experience using it, and your recommendation. Sharing is so important for keeping any client relationship strong. If there’s a particular feature they really like, then we’d love to know about it - and that kind of information is something you can capitalise on when you promote Wundamail to your next customer. The client will understand how much they matter both to you personally, and the wider Wundamail brand- the basis for building a trusting and loyal partnership.


Have An Open Door

The great thing about Wundamail is that your first client could sit across from you at your co-working space, or operate halfway around the world. We don’t mean this literally therefore- but a client should always know they you’ll be on hand to answer any questions.

Most of the time, all you’ll need to do is point them in our direction, and we’ll take it from there. All you need to do is reassure them that you have their back. They’re trusting your recommendation, and It can be daunting to integrate a new piece of technology into a team, so having you there if they need will make all the difference to your client.



Finally, when it comes to managing your network, a personal touch goes a long way. Depending on the client, your method for the introductory stage will likely differ, and will change and evolve as you build your portfolio. Nevertheless, whatever your referral style, securing the sale is not the end game. It’s important to nurture the client until they fully inducted, in order to ensure they remain loyal Wundamail evangelists in the long-term. Remember, you will continue to receive a commission every month for the lifetime of a customer. Set the relationship up for success, confirm that your client is happy, and then reap the benefits!


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