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Five Wundamail Features You Shouldn't Miss

September 20, 2019

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When it comes to using Wundamail, leaders and team members agree that the daily compilation holds the key to smoother team management . Even so, we’re constantly amazed by the creative and brilliant ways our customers take things way beyond a simple team update. We support a diverse range of teams working in a vast array of industries, so we’ve rounded up the key management hacks that work for teams of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your leadership style, we give you the five Wundamail features you won’t want to miss out on.

Automated Feedback

One of the most challenging aspects as team leader is understanding when to let go. Face it. You are never going to be able to lead every project, micromanage every employee or sit in on every meeting, so giving responsibility to people you trust is vital. Empower your team to have their own creative vision and choose a clear communication channel to relay information, in order to keep tabs on each subsection of your organisation.

Giving your team a sense of ownership over their actions will pay dividends. If you meticulously micro-manage each project within an inch of its life, you team are far less likely to become invested in its success. This is why Wundamail’s clear, daily feedback loop will allow you to monitor project progress, while giving individuals the space to innovate, push projects forward and think for themselves.

Wundamail Rewards System

As a team leader, you can set up Wundamail to automatically assign points to active Wundamail participants. You can also call out good behaviours and reward individuals for reaching the specific tasks or milestones you wish to praise. Everyone can view their progress and goals online, and once team members have scored enough points, they win their chosen reward. After one reward is secured, they are free to choose another, and the motivational cycle continues.

The best part about rewarding teams with Wundamail? You can broadcast team rewards for all to see, so everyone is aware of group progress. This makes recognition easy and engaging, helping every team member feel that their work is valued within the wider group. It also helps to keep individuals accountable, by creating a culture where peers understand each other’s targets, and hold each other responsible for achieving them.

One-to-One Replies

Beyond the daily compilation, team leaders can single out a particular response in order to give tailored feedback to an individual. Depending on the situation, you can choose between a private or public reply, or even highlighting their response as an example of best practice.

For example, you can comment directly on any team member’s response within the daily compilation. This way, the answer and your feedback will be included in the next day’s Wundamail for all to see. If you’d prefer to deliver your message on a one-to-one basis, all you need to do is send a private message- the feedback will then appear in your employee’s email inbox. 

No Complex IT Integration

Wundamail requires no complex IT integration, as it all works directly in your employee’s regular email inbox. Your team simply receive their daily question and the compilation by email, so there is no need to log-in, check for updates or remember any annoying usernames or passwords.

Wundamail works via email: an interface everyone understands. It really couldn’t be simpler to get your team started- all it takes is a few clicks. That said, if you feel you need a little more support to get things up and running, don't worry! We can help you set up. Simply fill in the form below to arrange a call with the Wundamail Concierge Service. We’ll have you up and running in no time at all!

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Daily Repetition

Once a day, the team Wundamail forces everyone to get on the same page, both literally and figuratively. By bringing people together to respond to the same question, the compilation compels people to analyse, consider, and articulate precisely how their time is being spent.

Wundamail automates a feedback loop that forces employees to reflect on their personal progress. This prompts individuals to consciously examine how their time is being spent, the kind of roadblocks they encounter, and how best they can improve productivity. Quite often, people fail to identify which areas of their work are grossly inefficient, primarily because they blindly follow a long-standing routine. As employees share their work with the team, they will naturally reflect, learn, and make efforts to improve.

In addition, the fact that the daily Wundamail arrives at the same time each day makes a difference. By incorporating feedback into everyone’s working routine, incremental daily improvements result in dynamic, large-scale change across an entire organisation. Whether you want to sustain team morale, increase motivation or simply keep checking in to ensure everything is running as smooth as possible, Wundamail makes it simple. The question you ask is paramount- it holds the key to effecting dramatic behavioural change within your team.

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