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How Does Wundamail Help You See The Bigger Picture

July 12, 2019

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How many times have you been asked to see the bigger picture? If you’re a manager, you’ve probably lost count by this point. An essential part of modern manager is being able to see an overview of your whole team’s productivity at a glance, so that you can see how it all seamlessly fits into your strategy and vision. Enter Wundamail: the simple way to manage teams in 2019. So, how exactly does Wundamail managers across the globe see the bigger picture as a manager? Let’s find out.

Collate Updates

In order to see the bigger picture, it’s crucial for managers to piece together the jigsaw pieces of the day-to-day tasks. With Wundamail, the daily compilation really helps to streamline that process. Each day, Wundamail sends a question to the whole team, then compiles the responses into a single group email. Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see- no apps, usernames, or passwords needed.

The daily update allows you can see what every single member of your team is up to. In just one glance, you can see everyone’s status updates, and see where the different team members fit in your larger strategy and vision. Wundamail gives you the ultimate in top-level visibility, allowing you to get a constant sense of progress without having to actively chase your team, or clog up your own inbox.

Offers Insights

Gaining insights that work for you on a day-to-day level is a critical part of being a successful manager. Be it gathering statistics, or collating comments from your team about how efficient each particular process is, you need this intelligence in order to effectively manage your team. Here at Wundamail, we appreciate that amassing insight is crucial to your success as a leader.

For this reason, Wundamail allows you to change the daily question to gain insights in different parts of your department. Perhaps you want to know what the team think of a recent process change, or if there are any pain points in their projects? This will allow you to get clear data from your team to inform lasting and meaningful change. If you’re obsessed with statistics, then the Wundamail dashboard shows you how engaged your team are, and, more importantly, who isn’t responding to each daily Wundamail. From this data, you can identify which members are invested and locate any weak links in your team - truly getting that critical view of the bigger picture.

Allows The Collaboration Of Ideas

Though collaborating may not appear conducive to “the bigger picture”, it can actually can focus your team members back on to strategy and help identify crossovers. By giving everyone in your team visibility of what each other is working on, they can suggest and support each other, so that each project has the best chance to succeed.

Wundamail’s inclusive nature allows you to respond to each team member’s answer, so that you can direct them back towards the bigger picture, or highlight great work to the rest of the team. Also, by identifying crossovers in workflows, you can see where collaboration can take place, and ultimately, where your team can be made more efficient. The collaboration of ideas within your team can motivate the individuals to try new things and really bring the wider strategy and vision to life, and get them excited and more engaged by this opportunity. Wundamail allows this to happen naturally and in a holistic way.

Through the combination of daily repetition, transparency and peer-to-peer accountability, Wundamail works to revolutionise group culture and boost productivity. Having a clear, automatic feedback loop allows leaders to keep tabs on progress, while giving team members the space to innovate, push projects forward and think for themselves. You see the bigger picture, and your team have the visibility and time to push themselves and generate great new ideas. Wundamail is, quite simply, how you manage teams in 2019.

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