Team working together

Team Management

Wundamail conducts lots of independent research about the world of modern working. These insights touch upon Team Management and the role of a leader. We have collected some of our more thought provoking articles here.  



Leadership Skills

The softer skills that make a leader great.
Empowering your team, truly engaging them in their role, means leading from the front.

Mentoring Your Team

Putting the 'I' in team
We all the know the old saying, the mantra of countless managers. There’s no ‘I’ in team.

Managing a Remote Team

Don't be a stranger - managing a remote team
The manager’s role is as an information stream, and it is their place to know who needs what information, and when.

Resolving Conflict

Conflict as a positive force in the workplace
Resolution can always be found through finding common ground and agreeing a way forward for all parties. Compromise, focus on common goals and removing ego from the equation will all help resolve the conflict if the will is there.