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Wundamail  - Week in Review

June 23, 2019

This week at Wundamail, we’re diving even deeper into the topic of ‘Good habits’, and the benefits you’ll receive from implementing them into your daily routines. This week we have selected our favourite articles surrounding the topic, delving deep into the web to discover the unconventional approaches that many people consider prominent in their day-to-day personal development.


Click To Read: How to Create the “Extreme Focus” Habit by Joanna Jast

This article openly addresses the bad focus habits that the majority of  people are consumed by: multitasking, being online 24/7, jumping from one task to another. Fear not, this isn't entirely your fault, however. External environment plays a significant part.. It is important to take into consideration the external environment… For example, what does your work space look like, are you tired? More often than not, a wandering mind is a product of alluring external stimulus.

Jast examine’s habit formation as a self reinforcing loop, similar to the psychological school of thought ‘Classical Conditioning’. By identifying a que, whether it be the smell of coffee or the slamming of a door, you are then using this to stimulate a desired behaviour, such as opening a dialect with a colleague. The introduction of repetition into this conditioned response qualifies and ingrains it into a natural response. This may seem like a nuisance at first, but remember to give yourself a small reward every time the process is completed.


If you have ever suffered from writer's block or brain fog, then this next article may be of value to you.

Click To Read: 6 Habits To Improve Your Memory and Boost Your Brain Health by Susan Steinbrecher

This is a great article that is attributed to by many leading authors in the field of ‘Brain Health’. It highlights the indistinction that we, as humans, make between our general health and our brain health- we view it as one. However, research suggests that this is not the case “Neglecting your cognitive health and allowing your brain to lose its mental edge with routine [life activities] rather than innovative thinking has unnecessary and deleterious economic, social and personal ramifications.”

Developing new interests, pursuing hobbies or performing specific brain exercises are enjoyable ways of improving your mental function and cognitive processing abilities.


Click To Read: 9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels by Helen West of Healthline

 In a turbulent world Full of constant distractions, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With many people taking on more and accepting wider responsibilities, as due course in life- It’s no shock that people are finding themselves increasingly more tired. This article identifies habits you can introduce into your life to directly support this and rejuvenate your energy levels.

If you’re feeling fatigued, take a look to see if you can pick up any of the habits identified.  It’s worth considering your lifestyle choices to see which healthy changes you can make. Make a conscious effort to boost your energy levels and feel great again.


Click To Read: 3 Simple Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity by Gordon Tredgold

This article takes a more corporate approach to changing habits. Rather than incremental daily adjustments to your lifestyle, It looks at habits you can integrate with your employees to improve the productivity of your team as well as yourself.

Some great points are made throughout, with a number of interesting references regarding the costly catastrophe of Nasa’s ink-pen research. Nevertheless, three simple habits that can be easily replicated into your routine to boost your commercial output is win-win.

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