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Wundamail Voices: The Future of Work with Jarryd Salem

August 4, 2020

Remote Working, Workplace Culture, Wundamail Voices

In today's Wundamail Voices we speak to the co-founder of Australia's top adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus, and CEO of Peak Evolution Media, Jarryd Salem to speak about the future of work, and what changes leaders need to consider as we return to work.
To begin, what do you think the future of work looks like post-crisis?
The future of work is going to be very different to what we're used to. More and more people will be working from home, implementing AI into their lives and relying on modern systems for communications and organisation.
How should managers/leaders prepare for the future?
It's time to adapt or die, and those that don't start to think ahead to our industries will evolve will be left behind.
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What have you learned from the crisis? How will you be applying these lessons going forward?
The word 'pivot' has been thrown around a lot in recent months, but it's vital for any business to start pivoting with what they create and sell. We have learnt just how important it is to diversify and accept change when it comes, being willing to leave things behind that used to work and anticipate new opportunities when they arise.
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Do you have any tips for kickstarting and managing your team when you return to the office?
Clear, concise and inspiring communication is essential, as teams have been thrown into disarray due to the current climate. Know what you'll be working on and find new ways to implement these tasks.
Do you have any other wisdom leaders of teams can benefit from?
Focus on strengths, be willing to let go of tasks that touch on your weaknesses, and trust your team to do their job.
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Jarryd Salem is the co-founder of Australia's top adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus, and CEO of Peak Evolution Media, a digital marketing agency focused on the travel and adventure industries. His photos, stories and advice has been featured by CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Washington Post, BuzzFeed and many other media outlets. You can also find him at

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