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Wundamail: The Secret To Better Team Management

April 23, 2019

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You and your team need to get things done. With Wundamail, it’s never been easier.

Meet Wundamail: software designed to start powerful conversations. Whatever your leadership style, it’s the modern way of leading teams of every shape and size.

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So how does it work?

What makes Wundamail different is that it condenses team activity into a simple, daily email. More than just a chat, it structures the conversation so that words become actions, and ideas become solutions. Each day, you get a report of your team’s activity, and so does everyone else. Just like that, a simple compilation email transforms team thinking- no apps, usernames or passwords needed.

To begin, all you have to do is pick a question to ask your team. We have plenty of easy templates to choose from, or you can personalise your Wundamail to suit your team. For example, say you want to end the day by asking the group, “How have things gone today?” or “Is there anything I can help you with?”. In the morning, a full compilation of all the previous night’s answers will appear in everyone’s inbox.

That’s great collaboration. Sharing insight, intelligence, and most importantly, solutions.

How will this benefit my team?

Wundamail isn’t just a tracking tool. It’s efficiency software, designed to streamline operations, eliminate roadblocks, and save time. How does it achieve this? By using the power of group thinking.

It’s simple. Your team actively want to fill in the Wundamail each day, as it saves them time, solves their problems and generally makes their lives easier. The daily feedback encourages people to take pride in their progress, and promotes a greater understanding of how the group functions as a whole. Better conversations means better engagement, and Wundamail encourages your team to become a self-governing operation It reduces the need for constant education and distributes the workload evenly among the group.

After a few weeks of responding to the Wundamail, you and your team will see a real difference in efficiency, all thanks to the insights that emerge from the daily compilation.

The Decision Making Tool of the Century

Traditional communication makes us choose between inclusion and efficiency. Do we want to access a broad spectrum of thoughts and opinions, or do we want to make something happen quickly? Thankfully, with Wundamail, you can have both.

Wundamail keeps teams inclusive by encouraging everyone to speak up, give feedback, and help find solutions. Diverse teams tend to be more innovative than small groups, as they are more likely to consider fresh approaches and new ways of problem-solving. So how does Wundamail keep teams both efficient and inclusive?

Keeping Teams Inclusive

  • Wundamail empowers teams to discuss and make decisions at scale.
  • All team members can learn the context behind decisions.
  • Each person's feedback is laid out plainly, providing an accurate snapshot of collective thinking.
  • Nobody gets interrupted or ignored.

Keeping Teams Efficient

  • Wundamail makes decisions searchable, keeping people accountable.
  • It keeps tasks on schedule through daily progress reports.
  • Each person's feedback is laid out plainly, providing an accurate snapshot of collective thinking.
  • No complex apps, log-ins, usernames or passwords.
  • Wundamail cuts through the noise, delivering what's important.

So How Do I Begin?

To discover the magic of Wundamail, start your free trial here. Simply choose what time of day you want your Wundamail to arrive, and unlock the secret to better team management.

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