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Wundamail For Creativity

December 10, 2020

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As we start winding down for the year, we try and come up with fresh and interesting ideas for the New Year. What campaigns are we going to run? How are we going to differentiate ourselves? How are we going to make 2021 even more successful, and make work better for our loyal users across the globe?

We’re full of ideas, but it can be tricky to distill an idea or concept and turn it into something practical and useful, especially if there’s a lot of people throwing their ideas into the ring. With many teams working remotely this year, it can feel like a lot of back and forth, with some ideas being out of date by the time something presentable is created. So, how can you focus on the winners and get it to a place where it’s ready for mass consumption in a timely manner?

That’s where Wundamail comes in.

We’ve had clients and customers use Wundamail for all different purposes from checking in on their team members, to project management, to training and education. There’s no one way to use Wundamail, put here at Wundamail HQ, we love to use it in creative ways to drive collaboration in an efficient way that guarantees a workable outcome.

Creative Answers Need A Clear Question

It all starts with the question. When you’re trying to drive creativity within your team, you want to think about what kind of a response you’re looking for. Do you want confirmation that an existing idea is good? Do you want an open call for concepts? Do you want opinions and constructive feedback on a project? Think about this as you’re constructing your question.

For example, we’ve previously had a campaign surrounding Wundamail for Remote Working. Our Wundamail in the initial planning phase of the project had the question: We need relevant, current blog content for our Remote Working Campaign, give us three potential blog titles that you think would be engaging, drive conversation on social media, or drive traffic to the website. Within the day we had a list of 15 potential blog titles all revolving around our central theme. Know what you want to get out of your Wundamail, it gives your team members the opportunity to focus their creativity.

Share Influences & Resources

When we’re trying to think outside the box, we all have different influences, different references that we draw on. It can be difficult to amalgamate these influences in a meeting. Using Wundamail - that’s not a problem. You can add links, files, Google Drive URLs, images, videos not only to the question, but to your responses. If you ask a question like:

  • What style should this video be? Add links and we’ll vote on the best in tomorrow’s Wundamail.
  • What are our competitors doing in this field that you think is working and why? Link to examples.
  • Do we have existing imagery that would work for this campaign instead of shooting new content? If so attach to your response or add to the Google Drive link below.

Right there, you have a moodboard sitting in one email in your entire team’s inbox. No talking over each other or having to link different laptops up to the big screen to share influences. It simplifies and streamlines without losing the roundtable feel of a creative workshopping session. Everyone gets heard, everyone feels heard and all ideas can be seen and correctly credited.


Instant Concept Feedback & Recognition

How many times has someone else tried to take credit for someone else’s great idea? It happens all the time and it’s not cool. With Wundamail that doesn’t happen. Accountability matters, especially when creativity and creatives are concerned. Nothing dampens morale more than someone stealing ideas, passing them off as your own and the boss not realising that it’s happened.

With Wundamail you can recognise great ideas and great work as it happens and give credit where credit is due. Simply star the best answers and reward points appear in your team member’s account. Choose how many points mean prizes and what those prizes are. It could be vouchers, days holiday, booze, cash, whatever works for you. Recognising and highlighting great ideas in front of the group motivates everyone else and gives them an idea of the calibre of creativity that you’re looking for.

If it’s not quite worthy of a star or you have additional comments or questions, you can reply to the Wundamail responses either publicly or privately depending on whether you want the whole team to see or not. With Wundamail it’s simple.

Creativity and innovation drive businesses forward and into the future. A lot of the time it’s what sets you apart from the pack and makes your business a memorable one. With content still being king and having a strong and consistent digital presence being crucial for modern businesses, you can’t underestimate the importance of fostering creativity within your team. Do it in a way that’s simple, efficient and effective. Do it with Wundamail.

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