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Week In Review - 07/07

July 7, 2019

Team Management, Week In Review

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’re continuing with our theme of inclusivity in the workplace and within teams. So, we’ve scoured the internet for the best articles on the subject and compiled them in one handy place. You can thank us later.

Click To Read: How Do We Design Workplaces For Inclusivity And Diversity on Forbes

In this article, Dr. Pragya Agarwal delves into the idea of inclusive design and how it can create an environment that is welcoming for all employees from the outset of their day. Not only does she focus on how thinking through the physical design of an office can help ease tensions of segregated offices and the negative mental effects that windowless rooms can have, but she also tackles the ways in which we work.

Dr Agarwal goes on to explain that inclusive design isn’t limited to physical design, rather it is more the idea that you create with the users in mind. This could be in the way you structure the day, the communications you use, and the management style you utilise. The article ends with a useful set of bullet points to consider and rate your own workplace against, in terms of inclusivity.

Click To Read: Millennial Understand The Value Of Inclusivity In The Workplace - Do You? on LaunchPad Recruits

Narinder Hammond’s piece takes the findings of a study by Deloitte and the Billy Jean King Leadership Initiative, in which it was found that the millennial generation are more open minded that those who came before them, and uses it as a guide for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. She speaks about the differences in the approaches of millennials and older generations, about how they typically view diversity and inclusion protocols, and how they can alter these attitudes to benefit everyone.

This is an interesting angle on the topic of inclusivity as it charts growing trends in the attitudes of those who are now entering the workplace. The statistics in the article show an almost polarising set of views between those currently in the workplace and in management, and those of the generation they manage. Not only is this intriguing reading for the recruitment department, but for anyone who is going to be working in the modern world.

Click To Read: Diversity, Inclusion and Culture: How to Build Great Teams on The New York Times

In this article by software engineer, Tessa Ann Taylor, she comprehensively goes through the different aspects of building an inclusive and diverse team from the hiring process and onboarding of your new employee. As someone who is a minority in her field (due to her gender in a typically male dominated engineering industry), Taylor offers some personal insight into the benefits of inclusion and diversity.

Taylor also discusses how to build an inclusive team culture that helps to foster a positive working environment. She also includes a list of handy tips and tricks for each section of the management process to help guide you within your own workplace. These include interviewing points to consider, how to ensure that positive team culture is rewarded and recognised.

Click To Read: 6 Questions That Reveal If You Are An Inclusive Leader on

Millennial and Generation Z Speaker, Ryan Jenkins, shares a variety of interested, and sometimes surprising, statistics about inclusivity within teams and how inclusive many workers believe their bosses and organisations to be. Jenkins therefore breaks it down into six categories, with accompanying questions to determine whether or not you are an inclusive leader.

After answering these questions, he offers some practical insight into how you can be more inclusive and considerate of your team, and divulges three daily behaviours that all inclusive leaders should demonstrate. He also links out to some of his more longform content on the subject, if you’d prefer a more detailed read about how to be an inclusive leader.

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