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Want To Supercharge Your Business? Think Intelligent Design

April 30, 2019

Team Management

Though British businesses are renowned for creativity and originality, UK productivity has notably deteriorated over the past decade. Caroline Welsh from Wundamail invites you to hit the refresh button, and supercharge your business for maximum growth.

Round-the-clock Brexit can feel a little like watching a budget horror film. The news coverage heaves from disaster to catastrophe, each crisis more predictable than the last. Worst of all, we must remain on the sidelines- reduced to squawking at our screens in total disbelief.

Trapped in the present news cycle, we have precious little influence on the overall outcome. It’s easy to throw up our hands, switch off the TV, and declare the situation “beyond our control”. In the current political climate, it’s tempting to let this philosophy seep into other aspects of our lives. Relinquishing control of our future is a dangerous mindset in business, however. The best way to suppress creativity, obstruct hard work and prevent intelligent design is to acknowledge that human evolution is a matter of chance.

If you treat the future as something changeable, it naturally follows that we should want to understand, develop and shape it for the better. On the other hand, if you anticipate an uncertain future governed by sheer chance, there is little point attempting to master it. In fact, you should probably take your foot off the gas and let nature determine your destiny. So let’s focus on what we can control, rather than what we can’t, and create a business plan that provides a concrete structure for growth.

So, what’s the secret? By incorporating a little intelligent design into how we run teams, we can dramatically transform how we drive progress, innovation and productivity. Here are two ways of designing your business to secure maximum growth.

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Design A Communication Plan

With so many workplace communication options available, it can be difficult to decide which is right for your business. Real-time communication apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer have grown in popularity over the last decade, but the ‘always-on’ working culture enabled by instant messaging can make it difficult to cut through the noise.

If you want a quick answer or immediate access to a file, real-time communication platforms work well. Ideas get thrown around easily, but also become quickly lost and buried. It’s easy to get confused, and near impossible to develop, plan or streamline a thought before the chat shoots off into a completely different direction. Real-time messengers can quickly whip up an impenetrable whirl of random information.

What makes Wundamail different is that it condenses team activity into a simple, daily email. More than just a chat, it structures the conversation so that words become actions, and ideas become solutions. Each day, you get a report of your team’s activity, and so does everyone else. Just like that, a simple compilation email makes leading teams simple- no apps, usernames or passwords needed.

Prioritise A Business Plan

Anyone who has held a slim, sleek macbook in their hands will recognise Apple’s commitment to product design. Apple Watches, iPhones and iPads prioritise aesthetic and simplicity of use above all else. Few people appreciate the true masterpiece of design: Steve Jobs’ business plan. With the release of the iPod, Apple conquered a relatively niche market, cultivating a reputation for excellence on a smaller scale. Before long, the brand had expanded (one device at a time) to engineer total market dominance.

The lesson here is to think carefully when designing and communicating brand objectives. Having a clear, long-term strategy boosts collective focus and keeps everyone on the same page. It’s a good idea to talk this vision through regularly- instilling ambition and drive within your team yields fertile ground for business growth.

Wundamail is designed to start powerful conversations in your business, no apps, usernames or passwords needed. Discover the magic of human connection, because great things happen when we talk. 

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