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Think Big: Painting A Bigger Business

July 15, 2019

Workplace Culture

In order to succeed, business leaders are expected to see the bigger picture. In modern management, it can be a real challenge to constantly prove yourself the more proactive, forward thinking team member.  Without super-human abilities, knowing instinctively what to do at all times is a common struggle for managers everywhere. It goes beyond developing outstanding individual qualities, and often has more to do with learning how to support and develop great ideas.


A legacy is only as good as the people who believe in it. Who better, therefore, to support a legacy than the individuals tasked with creating it? As a leader, it’s your job to feed this passion through to your workforce. Be confident that you are working on something special. It doesn’t matter if its a stone or a rock, primer or paint, or a piece of groundbreaking technology: a manager’s passion will transmit directly to their team.

As a manager, it’s crucial to understand the power of making something great and involving everyone in the process. As Peter Senge has put it: the responsibility of a leader is not just to share a vision but to build a shared vision.


Take A Wholesome View 

It's not uncommon for a manager to be working on multiple projects, with multiple deadlines, that require multiple skill sets. After tasking individual roles and ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing and how long they have to do it, do you feel like the task has been accomplished? Not necessarily- from this point you must regularly observe, support and develop your team to ensure a smooth journey down the critical path. 

Daily check-ins are a great way to achieve this. With Wundamail, you can ask the whole network a simple question in order to gain insight into team performance, or identify any roadblocks that have arisen. Reiterating the subsequent responses to the wider network ensures that everyone feels involved and creates an environment of collaboration and communication. 


Who, What, Where, But Why?

We have established who’s doing what and when it needs to be done by, but “why on earth are we doing all of these irrelevant tasks?”. Bear this in mind, you need to clarify the reasons for reduced timelines and urgency of tasks. Rather than making your employees feel rushed or over-stretched, you should be driving the team towards holding a positive outlook. Arguably, the best way to achieve this is through an inclusive strategy. Making sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and being responsive to any issues individuals may be having is crucial. Higher achievers ought to be rewarded, whilst the weaker links may need assisting going forward. 

The one-to-one feature that Wundamail offers provides you with the ability to scan through group activity and pick out the individuals that need guidance. Once identified, you can offer a quick response or even an invitation to see you in person. This provides a time-effective crisis management solution, while providing an opportunity for you to inspire powerful behavioural change.


Streamline Your Communications 

Cut through the noise of countless status updates. Real time communication channels offer quick snippets of ideas or suggestions but require everyone to be active in order to gain any real traction- If you are away from the keyboard, you miss out. This provides little relevance for modern managers because your schedule will not allow you to sit on the other end of an online group discussion all day. Ideas get lost, team members are not heard and more importantly, you lose control of accountability. 

However, each day with Wundamail a question is sent to the whole team. The responses are then compiled into a single group email. Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see- no apps, usernames, or passwords needed. Just like that, a daily feedback loop promotes accountability, unlocks insight, and keeps teamwork efficient and inclusive. Wundamail empowers leaders, supports team members, and makes things easy for everyone.

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