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The Way We Work Is Changing: Are You Ready?

April 26, 2019

Remote Working, Workplace Culture

Technology is fundamentally reshaping the way we work. As paradigm shifts force a rewriting of industry rules, Caroline Welsh explores the behavioural science behind modern working.

What do doorbell salesmen have in common with the chewing gum industry? You may be surprised to discover that both sectors have suffered devastation at the hands of the technological revolution. A simple text to say “I’m outside” rendered the traditional bing-bong obsolete, and the supermarket checkout queue became a place for intensive scrolling (packets of gum left unnoticed on the shelves). Seemingly small behavioural changes snowball into larger industrial problems, deeply impacting livelihoods in production, marketing and sales. This technological restructuring continues apace, with wide-reaching implications.

So how do we successfully capitalise on scientific advances, rather than become burdened or dragged down? As we strive to integrate technology into business, it can be easy to neglect the human side of things. As such, it is important to preserve the open exchange of thoughts and ideas, using technology to enhance collaboration rather than hinder it.

Here at Wundamail, we believe that starting powerful conversations is the secret to success in the technological revolution. Here’s our best advice for using technology to open up the right dialogue within your business.

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Choose the Right Channel

With so many workplace communication options available, it can be difficult to decide which is right for your business. Real-time communication apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer have grown in popularity over the last decade, but the ‘always-on’ working culture enabled by instant messaging can make it difficult to cut through the noise.

If you want a quick answer or immediate access to a file, real-time communication platforms work really well. Ideas get thrown around quickly, but also get lost and buried just as fast. It’s easy to get confused, and near impossible to develop, plan or streamline a thought before the chat shoots off into a completely different direction. Real-time messengers can quickly whip up an impenetrable whirl of random information.

What makes Wundamail different is that it condenses team activity into a simple, daily email. More than just a chat, it structures the conversation so that words become actions, and ideas become solutions. Each day, you get a report of your team’s activity, and so does everyone else. Just like that, a simple compilation email makes leading teams simple- no apps, usernames or passwords needed.

Exchange Stories, Successes and Setbacks

As more companies adopt remote or flexible working policies, mastering the art of good conversation has never been more important. A Grossman Study of 400 companies (with roughly 100,000 employees each) reported that the average company loses $62.4 million per year because of inadequate office communication. It’s hardly surprising- exchanging stories, successes and setbacks is arguably the best way of circulating information.

Furthermore, updating all employees on company activities will promote open exchange of ideas and solutions. Wundamail can help build an open, collaborative environment by ensuring everyone has the chance to give and receive feedback. In a nutshell: it’s like sitting down for morning coffee with every single employee.

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