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Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ January 7, 2019

How To Be A Monitoring Boss Without Being Overbearing

In our “What Type of Manager Are You?” series, we’re looking at the struggles that different kinds of managers face, whether you’re a nurturer, a cheerleader, or a monitor, and ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ December 18, 2018

Music in work, turn it up or turn it off?

I was sat drinking coffee in the co-working space the other day, staring out of the window, idly watching the reflection of the sunlight on the river outside. Miles away. At ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ October 30, 2018

Surviving the toxic workplace

We talk often of good management, of ensuring a safe and pleasant workplace for our people. Of finding better ways to enthuse and engage the workforce. We talk about supporting ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 27, 2018

The loneliness of the long distance worker

I’m a freelancer. I work alone, at home, and rarely see or speak to anyone during my working day. The family comes home from work and school at 4pm, and I tend to finish work at ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 4, 2018

Learning to love the robots - the future of work

We live in times of rapid change. Every aspect of our lives is led and influenced by technology and nowhere is that more evident than in our working lives. We used to discuss the ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 14, 2018

Are you sitting comfortably?

An interesting conversation broke out on my Twitter feed recently. A good friend - a photographer and filmmaker - mentioned that he was building a new editing studio and had ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 10, 2018

Team Motivation: Morale and how not to lose the dressing room

Listening to the radio a couple of days ago, there was a discussion on how a team was suffering from low morale and that the manager had ‘lost the dressing room’. Its a common ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ July 31, 2018

Making meetings work for all

You’re having a good day. You’re meeting deadlines and the project you’ve been working on is progressing well. You’re enjoying your work, as you plough through your to-do list. It ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ June 25, 2018

Good Habits are tools for productivity

We all know about the productivity gap. The primary focus of most business is how to boost and maintain productivity. We constantly look for ways to improve, to do our jobs ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ May 30, 2018

Power up your team by motivating each other

Sometimes its tough to be a member of a team. Especially if you feel that a colleague doesn’t have the same focus on the job as you do. Its hard to maintain your commitment to a ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ March 29, 2018

Resolving conflict: Conflict as a positive force in the workplace

We’ve all had moments in our working lives when we've fallen out with a colleague, with each of us taking what seem like diametrically opposed and immovable positions over some ...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ December 12, 2017

The wasted time of endless meetings

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick….. One of Benjamin Franklin’s most noted and often used quotes - and there are so many to choose from - is one that we can apply across so many ...