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Remote Working Roundup - Week In Review 01.09.19

September 1, 2019

Remote Working, Week In Review

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’re delving back into the world of remote working with a review of the best articles of the week, from across the web. We’ll be talking unusual co-working spaces, collaboration techniques, and recruitment trends- we’re covering it all in this week’s round up.

Click to Read: Faith and Freelance: Why Churches Are Turning Into Co-Working Spaces on The Guardian

In this piece, Gina Ryder explores the boom in freelancers and remote workers who are shunning traditional co-working spaces, and their often exorbitant membership fees, in favour of the humble church hall. From the perspective of the places of worship, it allows them to connect with the community in a world where young people are increasingly identifying as non-religious, and offers a cheaper, donation based working space for the area’s professionals.

For remote workers and freelancers, these alternative co-working spaces are often more homely, with a community focus, unlike many other traditional co-working offices, and in a time where interactions tend to slope to the digital, having this community feel can be an added bonus for some. This is particularly beneficial, as it doesn’t matter what faith you are, if any to work there. With remote working on the rise, it’s important to have a space that’s cost-effective and has an inclusive feel, which is something that these places of worship seem to have.

Click to Read: Shaping The Modern Workplace With Digital Content Collaboration on The Drum

In this article, Harriet Kingby breaks down the different types of technology that might help you and your team collaborate successfully, whilst working remotely. From the perspective of futureproofing your business, Kingby’s piece covers communication software, shared storage, and secure VPN usage. It’s a comprehensive look at not only tools for your business, but the landscape of the modern workplace as a whole.

This piece recognises a pronounced shift in working styles. Both remote working and collaboration are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. This is the way business is now, and these are the tools to make the transition easier.

Click to Read: Why Remote Work Can Help Bridge the Hiring Gap, Especially for Rural Professionals on Entrepreneur

In this insightful piece by Sara Sutton, she explores how remote working could boost the rural economy, which has failed to grow as rapidly as more urban, city-based economies have since the recession. Utilising this untapped sector of workers (who don’t live in a city through personal choice or lack of funds, but have the necessary skill-set) offers recruiters and managers a wider pool of candidates that are likely more qualified.

Interestingly, Sutton also goes into the loyalty aspect of rurally-based workers (as there aren’t as many opportunities to swap and change jobs or companies). She argues that rural workers constitute a smarter hire if you’re seeking remote workers, with the added benefit of building up rural communities. In turn, this will help to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas and the opportunities and facilities that come with that.

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