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Remote Working: Let Wundamail Remove The IT Burden

August 30, 2019

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As the demand for remote opportunities grows year on year, millennial employees are demanding modern and more exciting ways to fulfil their professional duties. Until recently, there have been significant barriers for managers hoping to offer this flexible way of working. 

“I’m going to work from home today” has always been a lousy excuse for having an off day- it’s viewed as a perk. Many organisations offer employees the opportunity to work from home just a couple of days a year, on the assumption that productivity levels slump and that many regard it as a ‘day off’. As research continues however, knowledge is evolving. Remote working is established as more of a productivity catalyst, proven to improve employee wellbeing while reducing overheads.  

With Wundamail, this transformation does not need to be a costly, time intensive integration. We’ve highlighted the top Wundamail features designed specifically for remote management, to help you to get simple communication in place in just 5 minutes. 

Works Directly Into Your Employee’s Regular Email Inbox

Most team management softwares require an IT professional to integrate the masses of data across into a new database. In addition, if you want to create smaller sub-groups or maintain a hierarchy of communication, you will need to provide different users with access to secure documents and the ability to carry out superior functions, which all require further implementation. 

With Wundamail, everything works directly into your employee’s regular email inbox. Your team will receive an email at the end of the day asking them a question. All they have to do is respond and wait for the following morning where all of the responses are collated, condensed and circulated for all to see in a simple, easy to digest compilation.


No Apps, Usernames or Logins required 

The only person who ever needs to log in is the Wundamail admin- and they may only need to do so once a year. Within Wundamail, the dashboard exists to give managers a top down view of their entire organisation's activity. From here, you can departmentalise your teams and set up sub-groups. As well as this, you can also respond to your team and react quickly to any issues that may arise, whilst identifying weak links and singling out the stars.

The daily feedback loop promotes accountability, unlocks insight, and keeps teamwork efficient and inclusive. It’s easy to see how Wundamail extracts valuable information for any manager.


No Integration 

The mention of ‘software integration’ is enough to make any modern manager groan with frustration. Many remain hesitant to adopt modern tools for fear of complex implementation processes.  Up until recently, introducing new software within a large enterprise required expertise, effort, and multiple signatures just to get the ball rolling.  

With Wundamail however, there are zero start-up costs. You can import all of your contacts and begin within 5 minutes. You can even test the waters with a 14 day free trial to see if Wundamail suits your team dynamic. If you choose to continue, there are no set up fees and no contract- you simply pay per user, per month.  

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