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Partner Profile: John Fairbrother

January 14, 2019

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Business as we know it is being fundamentally reshaped. Every day, the principles of technology, software and globalisation dissolve, mutate and evolve at breathtaking speed. As a result, simple communication software has become imperative to team management. Enter Wundamail: a simple, daily email that powers true behavioural change within teams.

Here at Wundamail, we’re passionate about teamwork. We believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we’re recruiting partners across the globe to spread the word about Wundamail. We want to work directly with you to deliver powerful behavioural change for your clients, contacts and the businesses within your network - all while giving you a 40% share of the profits each time you refer a user.

One such Wundamail partner is John Fairbrother. With over 30 years of experience working in corporate recovery for firms such as Grant Thornton and KPMG, he’s a self-confessed “contacts man”. John’s career has connected him with thousands of local professionals in the North West region and beyond. After recently leaving the corporate life behind to start his own consultancy, John saw the opportunity to generate recurring income from his existing contact base. By using his skills as a local professional, and his extensive ‘black book’, John is delivering valuable communication solutions to businesses within his network.

We caught up with John to see why being a Wundamail partner works for him, and what advice he’d give to those who are looking to become partners in the future.

Wundamail: So John, why did you decide to become a Wundamail partner?

John Fairbrother: I was introduced to the product, and it seemed so powerful that I thought people would need a reason to stop using it, rather than start using it! It makes such a difference for leaders, and it supports team members at the same time - such a valuable tool for the organisations and businesses I advise. Becoming a partner made sense as I began to introduce Wundamail through my own consultancy business, as I can utilise the network I’ve grown over the years, without having to commit hours upon hours of time.

Wundamail: What was it about Wundamail specifically that appealed to you?

JF: I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world, so the simplicity of the product really appealed to me and the Wundamail concierge service made it so easy to set up. The service is there to help if you’re not comfortable setting up Wundamail for your team. You can simply contact Wundamail HQ and they’ll set it up for you. As someone who isn’t overly technically-minded, this was a massive draw - I could see this reassuring a lot of managers who I work with, who are in a similar position.

Wundamail: How does being a partner work for you?

JF: Being a partner works for me because it’s a much more relaxed way of doing business. I’ve been a professional for a long time now, I’ve gone through the corporate system and the hustle and bustle of fast-paced business and now I love that I can ‘cash in’ my experience and contacts to generate significant recurring income. The infrastructure is already there, and the Wundamail team give me all the support I need. All I have to do is talk to people I already know, and who trust me and show them why I love Wundamail and why I think it’ll benefit their business.

Wundamail: How do your clients respond to the product?

JF: For everyone that I’ve spoken to so far, Wundamail is a no-brainer. People understood the benefits of the product and how it would make team management easier on a daily basis almost immediately. When it’s something so simple and effective, it’s an easy sell.

Wundamail: Why should other people become Wundamail partners?

JF: If you’ve got a strong network of contacts and you want to generate a regular stream of recurring income in addition to your regular career then being a Wundamail partner is ideal. It’s a great team management product and it just makes sense, regardless of whether you’re a ‘techie’ or not, so it’s easy to endorse and share.

You get out what you put in with the partner programme so it’s up to you how much of your time you want to give it each week or month. It’s a flexible and relaxed way of getting that additional recurring income by taking advantage of the old black book - a resource that most people already have!

John is just one of many professionals who we are proud to call our Wundamail partners but, we’re always on the lookout for more evangelists to join our ranks. If, like John you have a bulging black book of contacts that you’d like to earn recurring income from or you’re looking for a more relaxed way to remain in the professional loop, then click here to contact John for more information.

If you’re interested in a free trial of Wundamail in your business, click here to get started.

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