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Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ December 4, 2017

Leadership skills: The softer skills that make a leader great.

We’ve all had great managers, great leaders. People who motivate and energise us. People who know how to engage us in our work, and push us forward. They possess real skills and its a pleasure to work for them. They don’t just manage. They understand how to lead. A good manager leads us towards our goals and drives us forward. They inspire us to be better.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ November 13, 2017

Building an office for the digital nomads

The digital nomads are out there, working away. They’re happy and settled in the routine of telecommuting. Safe in the knowledge that they are trusted to get the job done without being cajoled, reminded, poked or pestered into submission by the boss. They feel empowered and engaged, and providing they can avoid distraction - every remote worker’s demon - the job gets done. Things move forward, and projects get completed. Its a good thing.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ November 3, 2017

Don't be a stranger - managing a remote team

The world of remote work, or telecommuting, continues to grow. More and more organisations are seeing the benefits, and managers are seeing new demands and responsibilities to how they manage their teams.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ October 31, 2017

The rise of the digital nomads

The world of work seems to spin faster these days. Ever changing, always in flux.  As our increasing dependency on technology makes communication easier and faster, we are learning to live and work in new ways and with improved results. Geographical boundaries and time zones are becoming less important as the links between us grow stronger.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ October 3, 2017

Mind the productivity gap - managing our way across?

Its the age old question. How to improve productivity. How best to ensure that what we’re doing is the right thing. But what is the right thing? Can we manage our way across the productivity gap?

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 25, 2017

Finding a space in the freelance world

In a world where more and more people work remotely, away from the office or on the move, you need to find the space that works for you.

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