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Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 21, 2018

Keep on moving - Performance management in the modern world

Every year, regular as clockwork, it would come around. Arriving in the calendar like a black cloud, heavy with expectation but holding very little promise.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 17, 2018

Goal setting for the modern workforce

Every Sunday evening without fail, I sit down with my diary, a notebook and my phone. There’s usually my favourite fountain pen, some vinyl and a glass of Spanish wine involved too. And I plan. I decide on my goals for the coming week.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 11, 2018

There's no such thing as positive procrastination

It’s taken me a while to write this. I kept putting it off, kept finding better things to do. I’m good at procrastinating. Really good. If it was an olympic sport, I’d be Usain Bolt. Well, at least I would if I could ever get round to taking part. I even bought a book about procrastination once, but I still haven’t got round to reading it. Ok, I'll stop...

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ September 4, 2018

Learning to love the robots - the future of work

We live in times of rapid change. Every aspect of our lives is led and influenced by technology and nowhere is that more evident than in our working lives. We used to discuss the future of work in terms of decades ahead, when the pace of technological change means we could be working in very different ways in just a couple of years time.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 30, 2018

Keeping the conversation open with feedback

Managing a remote team is no walk in the park. For the team manager, the distance and the disconnect of the remote set up can be tough to handle. Keeping everyone progressing on a project and moving forward together can be harder to do when you’re not all in the same place. And what if something goes wrong? What if there’s an issue or someone needs support? How do we make sure they can get that help if they’re so dispersed and displaced?

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 27, 2018

New managers, your company needs you

There’s a first time for everything. In both our personal and our working lives, we learn as we go. These moments provide opportunities to grow, to improve, and to enrich our lives. These new hurdles can also be intimidating.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 21, 2018

Team communication: Keeping your remote team close

As more and more businesses begin to see the value in remote working, and as increasing numbers of the workforce demand the ability to work remotely, managers need to think in different ways.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 14, 2018

Are you sitting comfortably?

An interesting conversation broke out on my Twitter feed recently. A good friend - a photographer and filmmaker - mentioned that he was building a new editing studio and had installed a stand-up desk.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 10, 2018

Team Motivation: Morale and how not to lose the dressing room

Listening to the radio a couple of days ago, there was a discussion on how a team was suffering from low morale and that the manager had ‘lost the dressing room’. Its a common expression, and a common problem. Some set of external influences creep slowly into the dynamic of the team. The players see the problems in different ways, and this leads them down ever more dangerous paths.

Paul Fitzgerald
By Paul Fitzgerald/ August 6, 2018

Maintaining the momentum of project management

So, you have a project. Its a big, important project, one that needs a full team effort to bring to completion. Time is ticking, though it's not yet against you. But if you don’t get moving soon, the project won’t stand a chance. You need to get going. Often, it's that first movement that becomes the first challenge of the project, the first hurdle. Project managers need to build momentum. Momentum feeds the project, because once it’s moving, momentum makes it difficult to stop. That’s a good thing. The beginning of any project is fraught with fears. Fear of the unexpected, maybe. Or a fear of the outcome. How to maintain the momentum? How do we prevent the project going off course, or worse, and never reaching its destination.