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Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 26, 2019

How Wundamail Uses Behavioural Science To Manage Teams

By now you might be aware that here at Wundamail, our knowledge of behavioural science and the way that the human brain works underpins everything we do. We’ve researched extensively and used it to inform the design and the inner workings of how Wundamail works, so that you, as managers, can be confident in the knowledge that the lasting behavioural change that you want to implement within your team is being done in the most effective way. But how exactly do we do that? Let’s delve into the powerful behavioural science that make Wundamail so successful.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 22, 2019

The Six Stages Of Inspiring Behavioural Change

A major factor when trying to inspire change or refocus your team as a manager is how to make those changes stick. This is where lasting behavioural change comes into play. People try to actively make individual habit changes, such as getting fitter, quitting smoking, learning a new language, but in order for any of these to stick it needs to become a deep-rooted behavioural change, rather than a superficial one. In business, this is no different. If you want to make a lasting change within your team, then you can use techniques from behavioural science to implement these switches and create a more cohesive, efficient team. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a psychologist to use this technique, here at Wundamail, we like to take the science and make it work for everybody.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 21, 2019

Week In Review - 21.07.19

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’ve been exploring the idea of sharing the load at work. Whether this is by sharing knowledge between team members, or knowing when to ask for help, ensuring that your employees are sharing the load is an integral part of managing a successful team. We’ve rounded up the most interesting and useful pieces on the subject, together with why we think they’re well worth a read.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 19, 2019

Wundamail Weekly: How Do We Get Over The Knowledge Sharing Boundary

When it comes to competitive office environments, there’s often an attitude that reflects “every man for himself”. This philosophy supports that in order to get ahead, you must work in a siloed way and keep all the good ideas for yourself to present and execute. In truth, this isn’t strictly accurate. So, with this competitive attitude being so ingrained, how can we breach this boundary to become a collaborate, cohesive, knowledge sharing team?

Adam Monks
By Adam Monks/ July 15, 2019

Think Big: Painting A Bigger Business

In order to succeed, business leaders are expected to see the bigger picture. In modern management, it can be a real challenge to constantly prove yourself the more proactive, forward thinking team member.  Without super-human abilities, knowing instinctively what to do at all times is a common struggle for managers everywhere. It goes beyond developing outstanding individual qualities, and often has more to do with learning how to support and develop great ideas.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ July 14, 2019

Week In Review 12/07

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’ve been talking about “big picture” thinking. How do modern leaders draw up an ambitious vision for their teams, without losing sight of the details? We’ve rounded up this week’s best articles on the subject, in order to grant you a balanced perspective on what it means to “think big” in business.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 12, 2019

How Does Wundamail Help You See The Bigger Picture

How many times have you been asked to see the bigger picture? If you’re a manager, you’ve probably lost count by this point. An essential part of modern manager is being able to see an overview of your whole team’s productivity at a glance, so that you can see how it all seamlessly fits into your strategy and vision. Enter Wundamail: the simple way to manage teams in 2019. So, how exactly does Wundamail managers across the globe see the bigger picture as a manager? Let’s find out.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ July 8, 2019

Digital Minimalism: How To Simplify Your Working Life Online

We’ve all felt it. The compulsion to check our phones every few minutes, coupled with the nervous twitch that makes us flick through our emails, and that familiar urge to “catch-up” that finds us at the bottom of the news feed. In the modern age, the global tech addiction has reached epidemic proportions. If our “always on” working culture leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at work, then fear not! According to the Wundamail Team, it doesn't have to be that way.

Rebecca Crowe
By Rebecca Crowe/ July 7, 2019

Week In Review - 07/07

This week at Wundamail HQ, we’re continuing with our theme of inclusivity in the workplace and within teams. So, we’ve scoured the internet for the best articles on the subject and compiled them in one handy place. You can thank us later.

Caroline Welsh
By Caroline Welsh/ July 5, 2019

Feature Friday: How Wundamail Empowers Both Introverts And Extroverts

The way we work is changing. Teams with a broad range of perspectives are more likely to adopt fresh ideas and approaches, and are more likely to succeed through innovation and evolution. How should modern leaders strike a balance, therefore, and foster a culture that nurtures both introverted and extroverted individuals in the workplace?