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Over Half Of Employees Don’t Know What Their Company’s Vision Is

March 4, 2020

Team Management, Monitoring Teams, Workplace Culture


What does your company stand for?

Some companies are eco-centric, some champions of wellbeing, and others aim to find solutions to humanity’s biggest and most challenging problems. Whatever the company stands for, the employees should represent and embody, right? Well, research shows that 52% of employees don’t even know what their company’s vision for the future is, with one in five admitting that the company values were not represented at all in their day-to-day tasks or activities.


The vision and values of businesses are crucial. It’s what unites different departments behind a common goal, what gives menial or seemingly trivial tasks a wider meaning, and most importantly, gives employees a key goal and purpose to work towards. Imagine being asked to complete a task without knowing what it was supposed to turn out like in the end? It would be messy, convoluted, and quite frankly, ridiculous. So, why would you run a business this way? Simply put, you wouldn’t.


When you walk into headquarters of successful businesses and brands, their vision statements and values are front and centre. There’s inspirational posters celebrating diversity, motivational banners demonstrating the ideal work ethic, rotating slideshows displaying achievements, awards and accolades. This assault on the senses all have one purpose in mind: to ensure that every team member knows what they’re working towards and what the company stands for. This works as a driver, guiding them towards their common goal.


This being said, a blanket coverage of your office in heavily branded, Instagram-ready posts might not be the most effective way of ensuring your employees stay engaged, on brand and on message. Sooner or later, these posts become like wallpaper; it was there yesterday, there the month before, and it’ll still be there a month later - so it loses effectiveness very quickly. A more efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring that your team, and ultimately your business, is aware of your vision, strategy and values is to use a team management software that guarantees that everyone is singing from the same song sheet.


Team management software, like Wundamail, is designed to elicit behavioural change and allow entire teams, departments or companies to see the bigger picture - all in one easy to digest email. With every activity or task that a team member does on a daily basis, they should be edging the collective closer to that ultimate goal. It should underpin everything that happens within the company. With a daily, open channel, such as Wundamail, leaders have the ability to drive the conversation and directly reach your entire population with one simple email - no barrage of messages, no constant notifications and no extra passwords to remember.

With Wundamail there’s no reason for your employees to be in the dark about strategy, vision or company values. The transparency that allows you to know what each of your team members are doing on a daily basis, also enables employees to see the company’s bigger picture. When everyone’s on the same page, we all work more cohesively and successfully, getting to that common goal in a much more efficient way. Wundamail simply ensures that everyone is on that same page in a way that is efficient and scientifically proven to stick.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your 14 day free trial here (don’t worry, you don’t need to enter any card details to get started).

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