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One-to-One: How To Direct Message With Wundamail

March 6, 2020

Team Management, User Guides

At Wundamail, we're all about transparency and open communication within teams. But sometimes, you need to speak to a member of your team one-one-one, call out good (or bad) behaviour, or simply chat something through in private.

That's why Wundamail gives you the option. You can comment on your team's activity in full view of everyone, which is great for holding people accountable and boosting team morale. But to send a direct message to a specific individual, all you have to do is click the red envelope next to their name.

This will open a separate conversation, so you can keep things just between the two of you. It's a particularly useful feature for when you're dealing with sensitive information, highlighting a mistake or rallying somebody who needs an extra boost.

Check out the video to see the feature in action.


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