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Introducing: The Wundamail Partner Programme

February 22, 2019

Partner Resources

Business as we know it is being fundamentally reshaped. Every day, the principles of technology, software and globalisation dissolve, mutate and evolve at breathtaking speed. Amidst this extreme fluctuation and instability, simple communication software has become imperative to team performance. Real-time ‘chats’ and social networks have lost their charm, and evidence suggests that businesses are choosing to invest in in software with structure. Enter Wundamail: simple team management software that provides leaders with the insight they need to succeed.

Here at Wundamail, we’re passionate about teamwork. We believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we are delighted to announce the launch of the Wundamail Partner Programme. We want to work directly with you- become a partner and we’ll give you up to 40% of the revenue each time you introduce a user, plus 40% recurring monthly revenue for the lifetime of their stay.

In no time at all, you’ll be generating a regular stream of income each month from your existing network of contacts. Think of it as unlocking passive, recurring revenue from your little black book. It’s completely free to become a partner, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to begin selling Wundamail. This will include a welcome pack, digital assets, sales media and plenty more tailored content.

Get in touch with the team to see if you qualify.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Wundamail makes team management simple. It’s an easy sell, and you earn 40% of the £9 each time a user signs up, plus 40% monthly recurring lifetime commissions. Your earnings are paid out every month, to the account of your choice. 

We’ll give you your own personalised Partner Portal, so you can track users and monitor your monthly income.  The best part? Once customers have tried Wundamail, they see the value and stick with us- and remember that you earn recurring revenue over the lifetime of their use.

We're in this together

The beauty of Wundamail profit sharing is that we truly want you to succeed, and there's no limit on the passive income you can earn! We’re here to help, and we have plenty of resources to help you do so, including:


  • A Wundamail Partnership welcome pack
  • Sales media including leaflets
  • Digital assets for websites and social
  • Tailored content, such as blogs, articles and social media posts
  • How-to videos
  • Marketing insight and user tracking

What are you waiting for?

Wundamail is designed to inspire powerful behavioural change within organisations of every shape and size. Each day, Wundamail sends a question to the whole team, then compiles the responses into a single group email. Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see- no apps, usernames, or passwords needed.

Wundamail empowers leaders, supports team members, and makes things easy for everyone. Team Management, made simple.

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