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How Wundamail Simplifies Remote Inductions

September 13, 2019

Remote Working, User Guides

Inductions can often prove tricky to arrange and conduct, regardless of your vocation or experience level. Throw remote working into the mix, and the whole process can become even more disorientating. Data shows that flexi-time has risen by 12.35 per cent over the last four years; and data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the number of UK workers who have moved into remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade. As a result, it’s so important for team leaders to handle the induction process effectively, in order to ensure new employees are set up for success, wherever they might be.

Traditionally, inductions exist to introduce you to your colleagues, the company as a whole, and show you all the fire exits (that you hopefully will never have to use). So, what happens when you don’t have a physical office and only interact with your colleagues using digital communication channels? This is where a team management software, like Wundamail, can bridge the gap between office-based and remote team members, from the very start.

Know Who Does What

A huge part of any induction is getting to know your teammates and who does what on a daily basis. Who do you need to go to reorder supplies? Who’s the gatekeeper of the team passwords? Who plans the Christmas party? All valuable insights to have when starting a new role. As Wundamail asks everyone the same question, and everyone’s replies are sent to the entire team, you can see what each person is working on, what their personality is like and who they commonly work alongside. It’s like a directory and status update all rolled into one handy email - great for helping new remote workers work out the lay of the land.

Team Values & Strategies

Wundamail isn’t just about finding out what your team is up to on a daily basis. As the manager can change the question at any point, it can be used to promote new ideas and strategies. You can use the daily Wundamail to find out how your team are working in line with particular company values. For example, “Our company believes that delivering on promises is a hugely important value. How do you ensure that you embed this value into your daily working life?”. This way you, as a manager, get to see how everyone is contributing to the values and strategy of the company, and the new remote worker finds out what these values are and sees how engaged the rest of the team are. 

The new remote worker can also see how what they’re working on contributes and fits into the wider strategy of the team. This is something that can be integral to the motivation of remote workers, as they can sometimes feel like their work is isolated from everyone else. By seeing that the entire team are working together on pieces of a larger puzzle, it can be reassuring and makes the new worker feel like they’re part of the team almost immediately.


IT integration and system access can be a massive issue when trying to induct remote workers. Between VPNs to secure data, downloading the latest version of Skype, and Jabber and every other document sharing platform it can be exhausting and time-intensive. Not to mention, that without having the IT department there in person, getting the admin permissions to download all these programs is a nightmare.

That’s why Wundamail works directly within your email inbox. As a new starter, you have enough to remember without adding another username and password on top of everything else. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Trying to induct new remote workers can be a difficult task to undertake, but here at Wundamail, we like to make things simple for everyone. That’s why Wundamail keeps everyone in the loop whether they’re a new starter or a veteran, remote or office based, manager or team member. It’s simply how you manage teams in 2019.

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