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How Wundamail Helps You Separate The Successful From The Slackers

September 6, 2019

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As managers, we’d all like to know what’s going on in our teams. Who’s pulling their weight and who is merely along for the ride? It’s sometimes tough to find that out without lurking around your employee’s desks, like some sort of eye in the sky. Nevertheless, finding out who is slacking on their responsibilities or causing stress for other team members is of paramount importance. Otherwise, your team may slowly devolve into chaos and inefficiency. Luckily, Wundamail is here to help identifying those individuals that much easier (without resorting hovering around the watercooler).


Receive Daily Updates

What’s the easiest way to get the inside track on your team? Just ask! With Wundamail, you can out a simple “what have you done today?” to obtain an update from your entire team in one easy-to-digest email. In doing so, you can keep track of how long a particular member of your team has mean working on the same project and find out if they’re having difficulties.


Create Accountability

This is perhaps the most effective feature of Wundamail. Accountability is a central part of the peer-to-peer aspect of the software (by which I mean the fact that the update compilation goes to everyone in the team, not just you, the manager). In doing so, Wundamail creates a culture of accountability that makes it easy to see if people aren’t pulling their weight, or whether someone is going above and beyond and deserves to be recognised.


If someone is trying to claim undeserved credit, or are over-egging their efforts, the rest of the team are sure to call it out. You can also respond to each person individually to question their responses or to recognise great work. Wundamail seamlessly integrates a culture of accountability into your team.


Identify The Unengaged

Wundamail necessitates a reply from the whole team via email, so you can see who isn’t engaged with daily team-based activities. Wundamail isn’t solely used for monitoring- it should motivate, support and boost morale overall. If your team members aren’t bothering to reply to the Wundamail, or reading the compilation to see what the rest of the team are doing, it’s time to have a chat about engagement.


Identifying the problem will enable you to act quickly, and uncover precisely why team members have become disengaged- only then will you be able to take steps to address it. As each Wundamail is sent daily, it becomes apparent very quickly who is and who isn’t engaged within your team. For a team to be successful as a unit, everyone needs to pull their weight, keep each other in the loop, and make cohesive progress - Wundamail simply helps keep track all of these elements. It’s simply how you manage teams in 2019.


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