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Feature Friday: Inside Wundamail’s Behavioural Change Mindset

June 21, 2019

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Here at Wundamail, we believe that in order to create meaningful, lasting good habits, you must begin and end with a positive working mindset. Unfortunately, not everyone is automatically in a positive working mindset, 100% of the time. It might be that a project isn’t quite going to plan, you’re not sure about the direction of the strategy, or that the new guy in the team is definitely not your cup of tea. Whatever it is, it puts a damper on your day and on your productivity. We all have bad days, but with Wundamail, you can drive behavioural change within your department and reap the productive benefits of an engaged and satisfied team who are definitely on your wavelength.

Suggest New Topics

A simple way of persuading your team to think in a different way or consider new ideas is by dictating a topic that’s outside of the norm. The ability to change the question in your daily Wundamail creates a unique opportunity to gently sway the conversation in a new and exciting direction. In doing so, you’ll team will begin to think more openly and consider this new strategy.

By switching the questions, you lose the impression that Wundamail is merely intended to check up on your team. It becomes more engaging and shifts team thinking into a more holistic approach to team management.

Create A Forum

The ability to reply and create a two-way dialogue with each and every member of your team is an invaluable tool, particularly when trying to instill lasting behavioural change and embed good habits within your team. When you add in the fact that the rest of the team can see everyone else's responses, you foster a culture of accountability and collaboration.

These aspects affect the way in which team members approach each daily question, knowing that everyone else will be able to see their answer. This more careful, thoughtful approach to their contributions makes team members think more creatively and makes them really focus in on what they’re being asked - a great thing if you’re really trying to drive behavioural change.

Celebrate Great Answers

An ideal way to promote positive behavioural change within a team is to highlight great examples to the whole team. By not only being able to reply and give that positive reinforcement individually, you can also call out great replies in the next day’s Wundamail.

For the individual, by drawing attention to individual points or suggestions, it serves as a great morale boost that they’re on the right track. For you as a manager, it’s great to see that the shift in behaviour that you wanted to see is beginning to happen, and your team members are getting it. For those whose answers aren’t being called out in a positive light, they can more easily see what you expect of them going forward, and can understand it in a more practical way.

Promoting good habits within your team and creating lasting behavioural change can be a difficult task for any manager. Wundamail is designed with the human brain in mind. Our software is formed according to the fundamental principles of behavioural science, which means it has the power to effect authentic behavioural change within teams. Through the combination of daily repetition, transparency and peer-to-peer accountability, Wundamail works to revolutionise group culture and boost productivity. Having a clear, automatic feedback loop allows leaders to keep tabs on progress, while giving team members the space to innovate, push projects forward and think for themselves.




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