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How Wundamail Helps Remote Workers Maintain Work/Life Balance

August 23, 2019

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Finding a balance between your work and your daily life can be tricky at the best of times. Nowadays we can connect from anywhere in the world, check emails after dinner, and answer calls from our bosses on weekends away. We’ve never been more available, which naturally can become both a blessing and a curse. Now, imagine the chaos if your workplace and your home were the same physical space! This is the reality for the majority of remote workers across the globe, and creates another barrier against separating work from daily life and getting that balance we all desperately need.

When flexibility and the ability to be reliably communicated with are the cornerstones of your working day, where do you draw the line? How can you separate work from your home life? And most importantly, how do you switch off at the end of the day? With Wundamail, it’s simple.

Minimal Distractions

A huge part of not being able to turn off the work button as a remote worker is battling the constant notifications. Whether it’s a quick “could you just take a glance at this” email, or a member of your project team has a brainwave at midnight and sends notifications throughout the group messaging service, it can be difficult to ignore the constant bleeps and alerts out of traditional office hours.

Having to dodge distractions needn’t be the norm. Wundamail compiles daily updates from your entire team and sent them out in one handy email. No more constant email alerts, clogging up your email, or real-time chat platform notifications pinging every twenty minutes, stopping you from getting on with the task at hand, or interrupting your precious chill time. Additionally, fewer distractions from your fellow team members’ notifications lessens the need for overtime, which is a dangerous habit to get into as a remote worker. Your working day should stay as fixed as possible in order to maintain a work/life balance. Focus during the day, so you can log off at the correct time and have the evening to yourself.

Consistent Updates

Another reason why we struggle to switch off from work once clocking out time rolls by is that we feel like we haven’t checked in or updated our teams with what’s going on. Not knowing what is going on in the office, the project team, or even in the coming weeks can be a source of anxiety for many workers, especially those who work remotely. This means that it can be harder to ignore those update emails and calls that sometimes occur out of normal working hours.

With Wundamail, you can be reassured that your manager is going to ask for updates at the same time each day, that you’re going to get a round-up of your team’s responses at the same time each day, and everyone knows where they stand. Having a group update is invaluable when working remotely and trying to separate out that work/life balance. You can now log off, safe in the knowledge that you know what’s going on in your team and that any struggles are being addressed. It will really give you peace of mind as you head into your evening.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Sometimes, when you’re working alone, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day. Without others to physically measure against, certain tasks seem endless and particular projects appear to have no resolution in sight. In an office environment, you’d simply turn to a colleague to ask for help. For remote workers however, this isn’t always possible. It can be difficult to ask for help when you’re isolated.

Wundamail offers a forum for everyone to ask for help or to share tips and tricks to help improve productivity. When everyone receives the compilation, these requests or useful tips are easily shared with the entire team, regardless of location. Everyone can pool their knowledge to become more efficient, help each other with solutions, and collaborate on a daily basis, which means that no one is left without support for long. This encourages workers to feel less pressure or stress about their work outside of working hours. Worrying about work when you’re not on the clock is occasionally unavoidable, but with Wundamail it’s easier to push those worries to one side and enjoy your home life a bit more.

It’s difficult to get the balance between work and everyday life correct, particularly when you work at home. With Wundamail, it’s simple to compartmentalise your day, avoid distractions, get updates, collaborate and get on with your life outside of work hours, free of stressful, irritating notifications. We all need space experience life outside of work. Wundamail helps to make this simple, regardless of where you work. It’s simply how you manage teams in 2019.

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