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Feature Friday: How Wundamail Empowers Both Introverts And Extroverts

July 5, 2019

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The way we work is changing. Teams with a broad range of perspectives are more likely to adopt fresh ideas and approaches, and are more likely to succeed through innovation and evolution. How should modern leaders strike a balance, therefore, and foster a culture that nurtures both introverted and extroverted individuals in the workplace?

A recent study by Boston Consulting Group confirmed that greater diversity has a positive effect on a company’s overall revenue, with more diverse management teams clocking in 19% higher profits than competitors. As such, there should be little doubt that progressive companies should seek to invest in recruiting diverse and varied teams. Naturally, this can swiftly develop into a leadership nightmare. When it comes to hiring a mix of introverts and extroverts, it’s so important to adjust your approach accordingly, or risk accidentally alienating half your workforce.

Managing mixed teams can prove difficult to navigate. Introverts prefer to take a backseat in group discussions, and lack the confidence to bring their (rather valuable) ideas to the table. As extroverts settle in, they form relationships fast, get caught up in “office politics”, and set about getting the inside track at the bar on a Friday night. Understandably, introverts can often feel alienated, and everyone loses out on the benefits of an inclusive team. 

Communication becomes confused and fragmented for everyone. The team will lose focus as a unit, and individuals (both introverted and extroverted) will struggle to voice their opinion in a way that benefits the company as a whole. The solution? Leaders must set up a clear, standardised communication channel that works across all levels of an organisation.

Here at Wundamail, we believe that it’s important to strike a balance, and create a culture that supports both introverts and extroverts alike. For example, Wundamail sends a question to the whole team each day, then compiles the responses into a single group email. Team activity is collated, condensed and circulated for all to see- nobody is ever excluded or kept out of the loop.

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By integrating daily feedback into everyone’s routine, Wundamail creates a level playing field. Group decisions are laid out plainly for all to see, and everyone can contextualise activity and learn from one another. Wundamail supports both introverted and extroverted team members to achieve their best, by encouraging everyone (from the CEO to the Intern) to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions for future growth.


How Wundamail Supports Introverts

  • Nobody gets interrupted or ignored. 
  • Teams can discuss and make decisions at scale, without sacrificing efficiency.
  • All team members can learn the context behind decisions, without having to ask.
  • Each person's feedback is laid out plainly, providing an accurate snapshot of collective thinking.
  • Wundamail creates a safe platform from which to address roadblocks, issues or problems. 
  • You can even respond to people privately, on a one-on-one basis (read more about this particular feature here)


How Wundamail Supports Extroverts

  • The compilation email cuts through the noise, delivering what's important.
  • There can be no room for office politics- it creates a level playing field, and decisions are transparent.
  • The daily feedback minimises distractions, and gets straight to the point.
  • It gives individuals the space to articulate ideas, express their opinions, and work together to find solutions.

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