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5 Ways To Monetize Your Business Blog

November 6, 2019

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It’s the blogging dream: getting paid to write about the things you love. In truth, however, it takes more than simply writing killer content to successfully monetize your blog. More information was created and shared in 2019 than in the previous two millennia put together, which makes for a competitive landscape for content writers.

With the explosion of digital media, there are thousands of business, work, and management blogs all vying for cultural attention? How best can you leverage your content to set yourself apart from the crowds, and turn your passion into a stream of regular income?

Join An Affiliate Program

A great way of earning passive income on your blog is to join an affiliate or partner program. There are myriad options out there, so it’s just about finding one that aligns with your specific blog topic. To ensure success, make sure the business aligns with the theme of your content, and you’ll get a cut of the revenue of any referrals by recommending them to your audience.

Partner programs maintain strong communities, so there’s scope for growing your audience through the like-minded individuals you link up with through a program. There may be guest-posting opportunities, or ideas on how to maximise your income stream from those who already make a healthy profit.

For instance, the Wundamail Partner Program offers business writers, consultants and influencers 40% of the profits each time they refer a new user. Wundamail is management software used by countless teams across the globe, so it’s a good fit for any writers covering modern business, teams or work. You need to be sure your readers will connect with the solutions your program is offering, so you’re referring something your customers will thank you for. Opt for a program that will throw in a free-trial for your readers, to add value for them.

It’s a good idea to plump for a programme that gives you ongoing payments rather than a one-time fee. Wundamail pay you 40% of the profits per user, per month, which translates into a regular stream of recurring revenue for bloggers who promote the software to their audience. You could do so by review, blog post, or a clickable link on your website or social. You can read more about how Wundamail run their Partner Program here, or seek out a similar one online. Through affiliate programs, you make a recommendation, add value for your readers and make money in the process - what’s not to like?

Create Saleable Downloads

Any content that sets you apart from the rest and actively helps to improve your reader’s life is always going to be a bonus. Creating how-to guides, eBooks, or templates are all excellent assets that, if they’re packaged well, can be lucrative for your site and help build your credibility as an authority on a particular topic. Just ensure that they look the part as well as being well-written and researched - if people are paying for it, they want an all-round quality product.

Get Sponsored

Similarly to joining an affiliate program, getting sponsored is all about finding something that aligns with your blogs messaging or topic. Sponsored blogs are big business, especially once your blog has some traction and a base readership stemming from your quality online and downloadable content. It might be that a company wishes to sponsor you for a series of blogs surrounding a particular topic or pillar page, or it might be that they just want a one off post or product review. There are a lot of options when it comes to sponsorship, but always ensure that you mention in your blog that it’s a sponsored advert - not only is this now a legal requirement, it also reaffirms a level of trust between you and your readers.

Sell Your Services

This runs in the same vein as selling downloadable, quality content. If you’ve got a wealth of experience in one particular area that you see your readership struggling with, then offer a webinar or a course about it. You can always pre-record your content and drip feed it to them to make it last longer or if you think you’re going to be short on time on certain weeks. People pay to learn from experts who have real life experience - if you’ve been there and done that, then you can help others learn and make some more money for your blog in the meantime.

Shout About Your Work

If you want your blog to be a success then the bottom line is that people need to know about it, and need to know that it’s being constantly updated. Whether this is via an email newsletter, across social media, using paid display ads, guest posting on other blogs or a combination of all of the above, you have to let people know who you are, what you are and where to find you. All the affiliate programs, downloadable content, paid courses and sponsorships will be for nothing if your readers can’t find you in the first place.

Trying to monetize your blog can be an exciting and daunting prospect if you don’t know where to start, but there are a number of ways to get you up on your way. Whilst there’s no such thing as quick and easy cash in the content creation world, joining an affiliate or partner program is probably the most passive way in which you can earn some income from your blog. To learn more about becoming a Wundamail Partner click here to read more. It’s free to join, and we give you all the support and marketing materials you need to earn a regular stream of income, all while doing what you love.

Teams Love Wundamail: we have users in 600 cities around the world. If you’re interested in monetizing your business content by joining an affiliate program, Wundamail could be the answer for you.

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